To Mr. J__ P___, Benicia, CA. –Robert M. Shelby, 1-18-18.

You’re an upstanding, fellow citizen of our town. I wish I could really respect you for your accomplishments in life, including financial status. But, I cannot feel what should be your due, for it seems that somewhere in your life you quit learning from experience, shriveled into a narrrow perception of our world and started forcing your ideological limitations on to others. Some people feel your heart is dryer than a Jivaro shrunken head.

You seem in touch only with the FOXy friends’ disinformation bubble. Much of your view, as I see it, is quite unsalutary both for the nation and for yourself. You were so desperately disappointed by Obama’s reelection, I sympathise, for that’s how I felt when Bush & Cheney were reelected. I was right about them, but you are wrong about Obama. Your sense of vicarious victimization morphed straight into conspiracy theory. Your paranoia about Obama’s imagined intentions and agenda for the country sees nefarious stratagems emanating from his office in all directions. Do you really identify with a mentally inbred, tiny fraction of the one-percent?

While I don’t approve of everything Obama is doing, I’m giving him the benefit of my doubts for another two years. He deserves that. Probably, like the Tea Partiers, you can’t admit racism (for that would look politically incorrect) but your Confederate roots show through rather glaringly. (I have a root in Dixie, too, but don’t cultivate it.)

Talk about terrorism! You are feeding on your own fears and spreading miasmas of negativity and bad feeling as if you really want revolutionary secession, national breakdown and global, corporate fascism. It seems that, if you can’t get your way, you’ll tear up the country. You approve and abet the Tea Party blockade of all meaningful legislation by Democrats. You demonize “The Left” and hypostatize “Socialism” as if all goodness and intellect belong only to you. You pretend Obama is tyrannical when he obeys the puhblic’s wish for solutions. You accuse him of arrogant hubris when he does an “end run” around House Republicans by using the same method Bush, Reagan and others found available and legal. You seem to have memorized the printed language of the Constitution without learning more interpretive context than your slender ideology accepts and demands. You ought to chastize Obama for staying too much in your Military-Industrial-Complex’s pocket (where maybe he’s safe from assassination.)

You see in President Obama your own tendencies toward arrogance, hubris and tyranny. We’d need a god to help us were you ever to gain real power. You’re so mean to the poor devil inside you, you ought to be back in a cockpit delivering napalm on the village it takes to raise a child, and accumulating more repressed guilt from it.



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