Monthly Archives: October 2011

Not feel the sharks? –Robert M. Shelby, 10-7-11. [508 txt wds]

It stays amazing to me how amazed I stay at far-wrong rightists who accuse President Obama of incompetence and who criticize his failed policies and unreached goals as if all these were his fault, when they themselves, with all their unkindly kind, have worked unremittingly to bring about national failure just to retake control of […]

Tea Party serves itself Kool-Aid –Robert M. Shelby, 9-23-11. [512 txt wds]

Maybe it’s time to quit beating up on the Tea Party folks. They’ve served themselves the Kool-Aid of a narrowly backward, negativistic simple-mindedness that has pretty well poisoned the rest of the Republican Party for this election cycle. They are taking the GOP and themselves down to oblivion. It’s only a matter of time before […]

Solyndra-gate? No. [re. Benicia Herald Forum] –rms, 9-9-11. [451 txt wds]

Jim, I wish you could see your mind at work malfunctioning the way I can see it. I can see you refraining from balanced appraisal, as usual, in order to cast further aspersion on Obama’s administration and more particularly on “green” concepts and interests. The latter is especially wrong-headed of you. It distresses me that […]