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Follow up to “Slick & Twisted! R. M. Shelby, 4-11-11.

[Dear Editor:] I’m quite happy to take that letter off my blog and replace it with an “essentialized” version. As for communication, that will not likely happen in a meaningful way, anyhow. Yeah, name calling is anathema to them but not for them. Their name calling is adjectival or classificatory? How sophisticated! BTW, you ought to see some of […]

Slick & Twisted! (Revised) –Robert M. Shelby, 4-8-11. [402 txt wds]

Dear Editor: A really nasty stinker got past you, this time, with “Just how we got here and why” (Friday’s Forum.) Its author answers his title query only via the inuendo in how he frames his subject, seeming to imply all our problems stem from electing half a nigger to be president on a democratic […]

Thanks to the Tea Party Movement –Robert M. Shelby, 4-5-11. [570 txt wds]

It begins to look like the GOP is no longer sleep-walking but Dead Man Walking! How it expects to beat Obama and keep its House majority after 2012 by massive spending alone seems most mysterious. Its vaunted “popular majority” has dried up and shriveled back to it’s normal base of around 30% of the electorate […]

Class evil eats brain and heart. –Robert M. Shelby, 4-3-11. [551 txt wds]

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra (and much corroborates his view) each of us is an activity of the whole universe, or cosmos. “If it takes the whole brain to produce one thought, it takes the whole universe to perform a single action.” It may look like you or I do it, but that merely shows […]

Great value is in the joy of work itself. –Robert M. Shelby, 4-2-11. [676 txt wds]

Some, far over on the right, want the UAW to be seen as the main cause of decline in the United States’ auto manufacturing industry. No doubt high wages, benefits and worker protections reduced plant efficiency in some ways, yet work-force morale stayed high and union members endured fewer stresses from fear and uncertainty, season […]