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Further Observations on the Tea Party (8-27-10)

Tea Party people seem to be self-romanticizing, political ‘fundamentalists’ who hid in the Republican party until outed by bitter anger against a Democratic win. Joined by folks childlike in disappointment that Obama has not yet cured the mess he inherited, they harbor twisted negations that most people do not allow in others around them and […]

Unmasking “Tea Party Patriots”–R.M. Shelby, 8-10/12-14-10 [574 txt wds]

During every national election cycle, lately, I feel like Sisyphus all over again, trying to roll that great stone uphill, the stone of public, mass-ignorance and misidentification, dysinformation and brain-damage that results from apathy and the Con-servative Big Lie Machine that selectively distorts or falsifies the facts about nearly everything from popular opinion to the […]