Two ways our world can end. #206 –Robert M. Shelby, 9-13-13. [517 txt wds]

1 — With A Bang.

Geophysicists are aware that Earth’s magnetic field has been steadily weakening. The cause may be cyclic, but likely has to do with industry’s practice of spreading iron and steel all over the globe’s surface, in the form of cars, railroads, planes, home appliances, ships, heavy equipment and structural framing in buildings. This radically alters the distribution of ferrous material around the planet, altering the magnetosphere and weakening its protective force against solar radiation and magnetic storm.

It is highly possible that an unusually violent out-surge from the sun could in a brief moment overcome the magnetosphere. This could wipe out satellites, power grids, all electronic systems and cook power lines, kill control systems, servers. computers, smart phones, wireless and telephone communications. Cars and trucks would halt, planes fall from the sky, ships drift helplessly at sea. Industry would shut down. Home utilities would fail. The nation would go dark at sunset and people begin to starve. We could not return to 17th Century conditions soon enough to survive in great numbers.

2 — With A Whimper.

No recourse remains for the general population to find just response to grievance within the “system.” No laws can be invoked to stop the criminal sociopaths who control vital resources on Earth. (It may seem strange and uncalled for to refer to such controllers as criminal or pathological, but it is quite accurate.) Laws now in force were written by them, for them. This ruling class now stops pretending and shows itself to be master. Freedom and democracy vanish. Effort to disguise totalitarian plutocracy ends. U. S. becomes a third world country. The Pathocrats grow so confident they dissolve civil institutions. Contempt for the People becomes evident, the rulers’ intent clear. National borders and distinctions lose meaning. Control of America and of most nations falls to money-power alone. Popular revolts are put down mercilessly. Ubiquitous firearms do not stop the coup by the richest. Sports gull the people. War is the ultimate sport.

“American empire” is the global banking system. The United States, now a rogue state, threatens the world. The “new world order,” thought by many to be a mere “conspiracy theory,” now shows itself. Great nations shrink to third world status. Global warming makes much of the planet hostile to agriculture, habitation and wildlife. Population centers undergo massive infrastructure failures. Collapsed systems are not repaired. Cities rot. Ports inundate. Populations suffer poverty. Chaos. Mass species extinctions.

The ruling class retires to walled fortress cities, guarded by private police and served by private providers. From these control centers they administer world government and a single all electronic, global currency economy, enforced and protected by corporate mercenaries. No small farms remain. Big agribusiness keeps degrading the biosphere. No steps are taken to safeguard the environment but minor and cosmetic ones that do not interfere with corporate business-as-usual. We become like 18th Century India: Moguls and rajahs live in total luxury while people starve in abject destitution. The ruling elite does not waken in time to grasp the danger and save the biosphere.

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