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Free Will v. Moral Reason #221 rev’d. –Robert M. Shelby,10-16-13. [1103 txt wds]

Roots of this intellectual polarity reach back into Medieval scholasticism amid heated, often deadly, conflict when involving papal positions. In different forms and varied contexts, versions of this argument extended farther back into disputes between the Greek philosophers and sophis or rhetors (as Romans called them.) Addressing the history, condition and prospects of the Republican Party, […]

Notice to all Carbon Suckers #220 rev’d. –Robert M. Shelby, 10-13-13. [595 txt wds]

The closing portion of Thom Hartmann’s article 10-9-13 is worth quoting entirel See [] “Geologists who study mass extinctions are becoming concerned. As more and more research is coming out about the massive stores of methane in the Arctic and around continental shelves, climate scientists are beginning to take notice, too. ¶ The fossil fuel companies […]

“Entitlements” are “Mandatories!“ #222 –Robert M. Shelby, 10-18-13. [441 txt wds]

New language in government, from Senator Reid. Today, in Progressive Breakfast, a daily online news-brief summary, he states: “I would like to suggest that maybe the Republicans aren’t too happy with next year’s sequestration. Who does it hurt, non-defense? I get an extra billion dollars this year compared to [last] year. Defense? They lose $23 […]

#219 Letters in Comment to Rev. Robert M______s’ Forum article 10-9-13

Robert, I can appreciate your wrestling in that swamp of questions which seem so profound and impenetrable to you. It saddens me how you settled on antique scriptures for guidance in the vast realms of mystery beyond understanding. Familiar superstitions are comforting. Ignorance is not bliss, so to take comfort in the grand promise and […]

The Koch Konspiracy! (Part 2) #218 –Robert M. Shelby, 10-11-13. [483 txt wds]

Most of the following information comes from relational maps on [] The late Fred C. and Mary R. Koch had two sons, David H. and Charles G. These boys have followed in their daddy’s example as with a vengeance to secure his legacy and perpetuate his aims, greatly magnified. The family has important allies and/or […]

The Koch Konspiracy! (Part 1) #217 –Robert M. Shelby, 10-9-13. [524 txt wds]

According to Mary Bottari, 10-1-13 on PR Watch, who works on “Outsourcing America Exposed,” (quote) “The data is in and K12 Inc.’s brand of full-time public “cyberschool” is garbage … an educational model kicked off with a $10 million investment from (erst- while} junk-bond king Michael Milken.” [See] In 2005, ALEC approved a so-called […]

Can restraint limit madness? #216 –Robert M. Shelby, 10-6-13. [724 txt wds]

My profession, should you ask, is that of a life poet. You may not imagine what that is. The first thing a lifelong poet of humane living learns, takes a long, long time both in and out of schools. It concerns how language and mind work. Degrees are a matter of other people’s opinion. Either […]

Idiot Districts, Disloyal House Rep’s! #215 –R. M. Shelby, 10-4-13. [561 txt wds]

There’s very little real humor in our politics, today, apart from Comedy Central, TV or Saturday Night Live. Where are the staged satires, the broadside lampoons, one-act comic operas, comedic stories and novels? Mostly, we are too jaded and sore. We’re sore about the state of things, the mess the nation is in, on many […]

Godzilla rises again? #214 –Robert M. Shelby, 10-1-13. [396 txt wds]

Mainstream media is not giving the public a clear and full picture of how bad the Fukushima nuclear disaster is proving to be. The alternate news sources are doing a much better job. They are scary as hell! People who pay attention are banding together to urge the United Nations to take charge of the […]

Tilting at windmills? #213 –Robert M. Shelby, 10-1-13. [475 txt wds]

George Monbiot writes today in Alternet: “It doesn’t matter how many windmills or solar panels or nuclear plants you build if you are not simultaneously retiring fossil fuel production. We need a global programme whose purpose is to leave most coal and oil and gas reserves in the ground, while developing new sources of power and reducing […]