Burnt-earth economics? #205 –Robert M. Shelby, 9-1-13.  [347 txt wds]

There is a moral cesspool around Wall Street, Treasury & Fed that threatens everyone. The following information from Greg Palast about Larry Summers and Tim Geithner should be known by every citizen in the Anglo-sphere, i.e., the English-speaking world.


John Paulson and Lloyd Blankfein CEO of Goldman Sachs come off as criminals of the worst sort. The whole lot stink like a four-hole outhouse full of dead rats & rattlesnakes. They may have done more damage to the nation than all organized crime up to present time.

They bid to do more. President Obama needs not just to know these things but to know that we, the American Public, know, too. Otherwise, still worse things are coming down the pipeline if XL gets passed and if TPP gets fast-tracked past congressional debate and oversight. All this is burnt-earth economics by banksters and their politicians. For a terrible example of burnt-earth economics on the commodity/manufacturing side, think back to the first wave of electric cars and what happened to them, and why! For a final example of the worst, look at the landscapes of coal country in Appalachia, Alberta shale country and the Bakken field in North Dakota with similar areas in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

Most drillers are after oil only. Methane is a waste-product which rather than cap and convey into pressure tanks for sale and reserve, they let gas burn off in the air, making North Dakota look like a huge metropolitan area lit up at night. From space it competes with Chicago. This is crazy from any perspective but primitive slash & burn agriculture. It suggests that our world offers endless resource to any who have means to take it for themselves without foresight manifest in larger planning. Ask the owners of these land-raping facilities. Overall planning is government Socialism, devil take the future. At least half the people positioned in business and finance today should be under restraint or in jail. They have mismanaged our world destructively to every interest but their own most narrowly considered ones. My family, my company, our industry. Me. Mine.


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