Monthly Archives: January 2013

How about smaller brains? #187A –Robert M. Shelby, 1-3-13. [658 txt wds]

Right-wing insistence on smaller government would be more consistent were it coupled with a drive to breed humans back to smaller brains than they now have. They might have fewer and less discordant opinions. Studies indicate modern humans carry from 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal genes, maybe from times of interbreeding after 32,000 years ago […]

Shumpeter’s Cyclone? #186  –Robert M. Shelby, 12-29-12. [542 txt wds]

Whatever the ambiguous word “Capitalism” actually means, it is given way too much credit for socio-economic creativity and productiveness. Capitalism is first of all an ISM, a set of revered notions by which some people understand and explain their version of the world we inhabit. Versions of the world are abstract. They “envision” the world […]