Monthly Archives: August 2013

An American Tragedy. (#201) –Robert M. Shelby, rev’d 8-20-13. [536 txt wds]

We know that fraud, self-deceit and false consciousness run rampant in our world. That these exist is more evident than that a traditionally-conceived God exists. Fakery and reasoning on the basis of premises false to fact but accordant to wish or agenda is as common as fiat money. They have similar standing and use. Their […]

Beyond Thing and Nothing (#200) –Robert M. Shelby, 8-3-13. [384 txt wds]

Once again I take issue with the mustiness of mental bags and boxes many folks live in uneasily but might like to escape. For transtheists like myself, the existence or non-existence of something called “God” is moot; merely an emotionally polarized issue culturally associated with immense verbiage and inflated attitudes, but which has no denotation […]

Fear only fear itself. (#199) –Robert M. Shelby, 8-1-13. [723 txt wds]

Our country, and thanks to us the whole western world, seems consumed with fear. After the Cold War, we remain irrationally defensive. Fear in various forms, from multiple causes and excuses, foists on us the most massively over-developed military organization ever to exist on earth, both relatively and absolutely. Why? Topping that is the ponderous […]