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Addendum to my last communique. –Robert M. Shelby, 5-26-11. [219 txt wds]

Some have wondered why, in my 5-25-11 “What is that. Is it a bird?”, I referred to Paul Ryan as Tim. Was it deliberate? Yes, I called him “Tim” because like so many over on the so-called “right” he has no deep understanding of personal identity or human existence. Otherwise, he could not remain a […]

What’s that. Is it a bird? –Robert M. Shelby, 5-25-11. [458 text wds]

Is it a plane? YES, it’s a plane! The GOP Express, single-engine jet. It’s been flying high with a crew of Caribbean Pirate skeletons and a lot of radical passengers aboard. It just flamed out and is dropping like a rock. People are bailing. It just split up like the builders of Babel Tower when […]

Untilting the frame. –Robert M. Shelby, rev’d 4-10-11. [1246 txt wds]

A few days ago, I received at long last an encapsulated exposure of how the radical right puzzles its frame together to see and show what it claims is our political reality. The picture it inadvertently reveals, however, is larger than the one in the assiduously constructed frame. Inside that frame, Obama must either be […]

Lowering the standard. –Robert M. Shelby, 4-18-11. [1005 txt wds]

Can it be, that with Standard & Poor’s questionable help, poor has become standard? Well it’s good for a laugh, a sigh or a shrug. In 1955, UK historian and political analyst Cyril Northcote Parkinson (1909-93) commented in the Economist that the British Admiralty had expanded while the numbers of ships and sailors it administered  […]

Testament   –Robert M. Shelby, 4-16-11.  [797 txt wds]

Several people close to me have at some time asked me what I believe. I borrowed from the Zen patriarchs to say, “Nothing is hidden.” This is doubly true. I hid nothing from them and everything has always been as clear and obvious as people let themselves see. To those who understand this, the only […]

Breathing Tea Party Exhaust? –Robert M. Shelby, 4-15-12. [965 txt wds]

Once again, Jim Pugh fails to come to grips with my mind and convince me. Is he, at 75 years of age, too short on energy? Or is he short on insight about communicating facts to people who lack his ideologically framed and pointed viewscape? The editors of the Benicia Herald and its Forum page […]

Election conumdrums! –Robert M. Shelby, 4-13-11. [702 txt wds]

An important issue was raised in Wednesday’s Forum (4-13-11) concerning the integrity of voting systems in the United States. The integrity and reliability of our elections has always revolved around two things: First, the authenticity of votes cast on the basis of one person, one vote, where public concern is that the voter be a […]

Buggy minds in the space age. –Robert M. Shelby, 4-11-11. [854 txt wds]

The only problems people have that cannot be resolved are those that rise repeatedly from defects of human nature itself, especially under conditions of fear and ignorance. Such unsettling problems menace humanity like the heads of Hydra. It would seem that they can be bested only by a mythical Hercules. People are not always conscious […]

A natural science of morality. –Robert M. Shelby, 4-29-11. [1095 txt wds]

“Sadly, humans are animals that see their own qualities and outlook in the others.” [Attributed to]  Professor Wheeling Chambers Vast   Rats can accept and seriously ingest things you wouldn’t or couldn’t stomach. A rat wants and needs anything you want or need except culture. It will exercise the most fiendish ingenuity, amounting to trans-moral […]

Questioning the questions. –Robert M. Shelby, 4-20-11/rev. 5-5-11.  [1242 txt wds]

YouTube carries a terrifying amount of nearly apocalyptic conspiracy exposés of such scope and length of temporal development and projected future effects as to feed anyone’s paranoid delusions — terrifying, that is, if you don’t know how easily some people spin up bad dreams for selected audiences of folks peculiarly vulnerable. Putative schemes ‘exposing’ fraudulent […]