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Give right-wing nuts a taste not their own? –Robert M. Shelby, 10-2-10.

A little tough truth? They start crying for tact and kindness? These partial-birth abortions who look like adults but never reach spiritual or mental maturity just can’t take much. They yowl like newborn babies! No wonder you can’t discuss facts with ‘em, reality hurts too much. Exposing conceptual disorder or inept thinking causes too much […]


Authenticity is a ponderous word. As poet, your poems are your work. Do you suppose someone will question whose work your poems are? Or is all you say literally true or straight from the mind/heart with no intervention or influence of prior literature and other people’s work? Maybe “authenticity” only means “likeableness” or other strong […]

Backwardites are a troublesome minority!

The mentality of the upper-crust’s backwardite fraction is virtually psycho-pathological.  Too self-absorbed, too lacking in empathy, too narrowly profit-motivated to see proper choices or do the right things; always ready to ignore or sacrifice someone else. Everyone else is a potential scapegoat or whipping-boy for a backwardite. Fortunately, the upper-crust does not contain all wealthy people or […]