Monthly Archives: September 2011

Republican suicide? –Robert M. Shelby, 9-1-11. [585 txt wds]

In my last missile I exploded upon you the suggestion that us common folks, especially those of us who are retired, sick, poor, long unemployed or women in need of abortion, should just quietly quit living. Stop draining the economy with our needs for income, food, health-care, energy,  whatever. This time, I put it to […]

Fixing Financial Mess? –Robert M. Shelby, 8-31-11. [1200 txt wds]

“Real selfishness — real greed — comes not from those who pay the bills, but from those who benefit from the obscenity of drawing excessively from the government.”  — Mechanical Engineer, Dennis Lund (Benicia Herald Forum, Wednesday 8-31-11.) My local friend has hit the nail squarely on my head. I see my guilt and thereby […]

Reconstructionist Dominionism? –Robert M. Shelby, 8-23-11. [502 txt wds]

From Frederick Clarkson of Political Research Associates (March/June 1994) comes this trenchant paragraph: “Reconstructionism seeks to replace democracy with a theocratic elite that would govern by imposing their interpretation of “Biblical Law.” Reconstructionism would eliminate not only democracy but many of its manifestations, such as labor unions, civil rights laws, and public schools. Women would […]

No rallies for psycho-physical integrity? –Robert M. Shelby, 8-23-11. [1141 txt wds]

My Dallas, Texas, online friend of recent years, a brilliant, lovely lady, collaborated with a friend of hers from the east in attending and recording big Tea Party rallies in their respective areas. They reported on them in podOmatic videos with discussion in which they agreed that the preponderant message of signs many people waved […]