Monthly Archives: December 2012

Who’s Afraid? #185 –Robert M. Shelby, 12-26-12. [381 txt wds]

“Who’s afraid of the big, bad cliff? I’m not, say the little blue hen. Just me, say the big, red bull. Hen say it takes little to make her grin. Bull say it takes a lot to fill him full.” A TV news report today indicates a big majority of Republicans polled by Washington Post […]

The Dark Lords of the Silt #184 –Robert M. Shelby, 12-23-12. [640 txt wds]

A small contingent of illiberal folks here in Benicia qualify for membership in the above-named group. Both collectively and individually, they may be the least qualified people around to judge of President Obama’s competence in the office, but they are exceeding vocal in print. They reflect a more extensive tribe of negative viewers and casters […]

Death in the House! #183 –Robert M. Shelby, 12-20-12. [338 txt wds]

As of this evening, Thursday 12-20-12, the Republican House carcass has stiffened into rigor mortis. Far from writhing in its death agony it has lost what sentience it would need to sense the good deal on its own terms which it nearly had. Republican members are seated between Thelma and Louise in their convertible sedan, […]

Firearm Fundamentalism! #182 –Robert M. Shelby, 12-18-12. [1082 txt wds]

Civil society is at the mercy of the NRA, which has been a merciless enterprise. The so-called “National Rifle Association” is doubly misnamed: (1) the association is not backed by the nation, and (2) its interests are not confined to mere hunting rifles but include any and every conceivable kind of firearm, up to and […]

Another Big Lie by Wrong-nuts #181 –Robert M. Shelby, 12-15-12. [269 txt wds]

From the Heritage Foundation’s senior engineer of prevarication, Robert Rector, comes another Big Lie into the far right-wing’s disinformation bubble. Amplified by the National Review, the Weekly Standard and Fox News after being inflated by Jeff Sessions’ staff misuse of an October 16th report by the CRS (Congressional Research Service.) This offers a good index […]