Vampires and ghouls? #169 –Robert M. Shelby, 9-12-12. [338 txt wds]

Are you in right-wing denial? Do you doubt, or not care, that Romney has truly been a a vampire capitalist of the worst kind? I dare you to read Richard Eskow about his use of Bain Capital uncaringly to abuse the healthcare industry and damage the whole U.S. economy. See:


Do you doubt or simply not care that “Fox & Friends” is too often sloppy, wrong, unfair and maliciously misleading to be worth watching? Dare to read Oliver Willis. See:


Would you rather not know that a big cabal of international, corporate globalists are conspiring right now in Virgina in secret, with paramilitary guard, to write and plan passage of laws that  will let them trample any labor rules and nature protections of  signatory nations, or any small country they can dominate, that interferes with their voracious drive for profit at any cost? Then you should never read Laurel Sutherland’s piece on Alternet, at:


Do you prefer to think Monsanto’s genetic tampering with natural genomes does no dangerous damage to the future of American agriculture and world food supply? Then by no means ever read Tom Philpott’s piece on Mother Jones:


Do you still think Mitt Romney is a man of fine moral discrimination and judgment who never shoots his mouth off before he knows the facts of what he’s talking about? Then, you must not read or hear any  today’s or tomorrow’s news about Ambassador Stevens’ death at Bengazi, Libya, in the destruction of our consulate, there. Information is still scant about the event and its aftermath. If there was a small guard-detachment of U.S. Marines there, did any survive–Or were they wiped out to the last man? We know that some civilians in there were saved by sympathetic tribesmen who’d tried to help defend the compound, unsuccessfully.

If you still think the Republican Party and its allies are good for America, then you most likely have a head full of mercury and a heart devoted to self-centered oblivion.

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