Republican mystery? Nope. (correction) #170–Robert M. Shelby, 9-16-12. [490 txt wds]

Mitt Romney may not be as empty souled and vacant minded as he looks to us, in the general public, but we have little information on what he really thinks or intends. To be sure, he is portrayed as having a fine capacity for caring service to fellow humans at least within his Mormon community. His business career casts doubt on his altruistic impulses apart from the role he fulfilled in the lives of his church members. In business, his effects have proven far less than admirable. In fact, Bain Capital was destructive to the whole, U. S. economy, but especially to health care in America.*  His work on health care as Governor of Massachusetts scarcely began to atone for his bad impact on the country in previous decades. The broadly appealing speech by his attractive wife at the GOP convention in which she extolled his good-natured familiality and altruistic church service was only slightly offset by the artificiality of her hair color, costly dress and skillful make-over, all of which exuded uncommon wealth.

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Characteristic of Romney’s weather-vane-like swings in policy-aim stated or implied, is his repudiation of much of what he accomplished in New Hampshire. At least equally troubling are suggestions of second or third-hand influence from the “Reconstruction Dominionist” Christianism of the late R. J. Rushdoony and Romney’s playing to ultra-right supportive, fundamentalist evangelicals. It seems ironic, in view of Republicans’ insistent claims of how little they know of Barack Obama’s history, character and agenda, that in fact there is next to no public evidence on Romney’s real intentions.

Romney’s seeming lack of fixed views, or his unwillingness to give us an unequivocal explanation of them, leaves him vulnerable to description as an empty opportunist driven by no idea greater or clearer than getting power serve to those most wealthy and ready to exert corporate oligarchy over our democratic institutions, instead of cleaning up those institutions so they can work for us correctly instead of for Big Money.

An even greater irony may be that, while the globalist uppercrust already has immense influence on government through lobbying in congress and its ubiquitous if subtle impact on public perception through P.R., this crusty cabal wants to win the 2012 election to begin “eliminating the Middle Man” of representative government entirely! This would result in de-facto dictatorship of the corporate bottom-line, with dramatic increase in financial efficiency for vampire capitalism and resource rape of every kind.

Moreover, as long as the Fed can create fiat money and commit “quantitative easing,” the corporate uppercrust will have plenty of money to throw against democratic inefficiencies and the public interest via low-interest, private bank loans, if not from the huge reserves of cash and credit on corporate books.It looks like GOP strategy derives from contempt for common folks, for women, for un-owned nature and every sort of minority except the wealthiest few. Romney needs far-right blind faith in figureheads.

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