Naked Dollar, Iron Collar. #168 –Robert M. Shelby, 9-11-12. [474 txt wds]

This Tuesday morning, MSNBC carried Mitt Romney’s speech to the National Guard. He  showed such glowing radiance of revelation about his Polyanna view of U.S. military and its glorious impact on the dangerous world as he idealized it, that for ignorant listeners he totally obscured the many dark shadows beyond, around and behind his viewing and its objects. He gave the typically horse-blindered outlook of Republican upper-crust folks who have had little real contact with the world beyond “from-the-top-down” vistas that magnify their own righteous importance while shrinking the magnitude and validity of all those little lives on the ground below.

Elsewhere, Paul Ryan’s talk was rehashed, conveying his boyish little voice and blue-eyed, boyishly pinch-faced intensity. Playing obviously to the most ignorantly biased people in his base audience, he blathered a calculated and intellecually calloused substitute for factual report. This guy, with the head of his ticket, is on a course of deliberate class war through self-destruction. Their unlikely victory would be sadly destructive to this nation, guaranteed by disheartenment of the 99.9% and the ensuing discontent, recalcitrance and rebelliousness, together with concurrent stiffening of the upper-crust and its bought governments.

Our top money men and their mindlessly adoring women may suffer rude awakening in November when they learn that their money is not louder in politics than the American People’s wish to be free. The political “right,” from wingnuts to Romney, will be amazed that their power gives them no monopoly on the value of freedom.

Ossified mentality from D.C. to our town and back up, is running the GOP. Crystalized around property instead of humanity, it threatens to dissolve this country by out-sourcing of jobs, expatriation of owners and management, off-shoring of hidden money, dangerous radicalizing of opposition and alienation of middle and lower classes. Can that be a success recipe for anyone but residents of a stratospheric world so high and detached as never need to set foot on common ground again but to kick it away?

For your entertainment and edification, here is a link to Jeremiah Goulka’s article about how he grew up in the rarified atmosphere of upper-crust dementia as a true-believer, yet under impact of experience could no longer ignore things as they are. He then had to leave the Republican Party and the mental barriers that deprive its members of full perception.


It is as if folks of traditional upper-crust outlook are toddlers living in play-pens of wealth and can’t see through the its railings to actually view anything they can accept, approve or desire. It is a situational deprivation that engenders a kind of class depravity not alleviated by how polite they may act to us, face to face or on the street. The Koch brothers are a perfect case in point, so arrogantly self-righteous in moneyed Rightness.

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