Godzilla rises again? #214 –Robert M. Shelby, 10-1-13. [396 txt wds]

Mainstream media is not giving the public a clear and full picture of how bad the Fukushima nuclear disaster is proving to be. The alternate news sources are doing a much better job. They are scary as hell! People who pay attention are banding together to urge the United Nations to take charge of the ruined reactors, though it is not clear how the world community would be able to manage the mess much better than Japan’s  government seems to be doing. True, the world has a lot of resources of money, talent and technology.

Huge amounts of radioactive water are being held in doubtfully secure tanks near the sites of nuclear piles that have “melted down” and descended to unknown depth in the ground. More water keeps reaching them, producing steam which shows the matrices are still dangerously hot as well as radioactive. The danger is that a further earthquake will let much of that water run out into the Pacific Ocean, endangering the genomes of unnumbered, biological ecosystems with the risks of impairment, mutation and death.

The ocean is in enough trouble already, from over-fishing, rapid temperature rise and acidification which is especially harmful to coral and shellfish. It seems as if Godzilla may be wakening in the deep to rise up as in the old movies and obliterate coastal cities starting a general and non-reversible breakdown of civilization.

The longer I study mankind and the world, the more I begin to feel that the human species is neither intelligent enough to survive nor destined to last through the rest of the current millennium. Perhaps Plato was right. The best size of a political state or city consisted of about five thousand citizens, a large enough group to build and defend its walls while still able to meet all together and hear one speaker at a time, and to make decisions, appoint committees and leaders to facilitate a decision, all in the same day.

Just as the broth is spoiled by too many cooks in a kitchen at once, we have too many ill-considered voices talking at once from too many places in the world. The world needs concord, harmony and agreement in which its best intelligence can be singularly applied. Will it happen? Will it happen before Godzilla strides up on our coasts to crush everything in sight?

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