The Koch Konspiracy! (Part 1) #217 –Robert M. Shelby, 10-9-13. [524 txt wds]

According to Mary Bottari, 10-1-13 on PR Watch, who works on “Outsourcing America Exposed,” (quote) “The data is in and K12 Inc.’s brand of full-time public “cyberschool” is garbage … an educational model kicked off with a $10 million investment from (erst- while} junk-bond king Michael Milken.” [See]

In 2005, ALEC approved a so-called “model” Virtual Public Schools Act to replace brick and mortar schools with computer home-study. Learning the tricks of state education funding programs, K12, Inc. and Connections Academy charged states full rates for strategically hyped enrollment numbers in scores of “schools” that rapidly fell away as students found they didn’t like the methods. The virtual schools keep the money, of course, after which they fall apart in actual performance. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Note that ALEC is a Koch brothers backed puff-ball in the desert, designed to subvert and mislead the nation into a dream-based Promised Land of the radical-right fraction of the richest one-percent “folks” in the world. The Koch family has worked for two generations to position itself to own so much of the world that they can rule us, at first covertly, then later perhaps as financial dictators or kings. They have developed lifelong in socio-pathological mode, out of touch with ordinary people’s lives save as “benignly” condescending over-lords. At home in a small circle of friends and adherents who share wealth or largess and believe in their dream that top status makes them truly better than everyone else, they seem to suppose that IF they’re just ordinary after all, who cares or dares to say nay? Inside their bubble, they are the good guys and their wealth makes it so for them, no matter what. So far, they have found it possible to buy almost everything they could want, short of the whole globe itself, and they hanker for it.

Although “at home in a small circle,” The Koch’s reach is Hydra-like. They extend arms in several, super octopus-like grasps that thrust financial support and influence all over, upholding a vast and subtle network of front-groups and genuine agencies to which in large degree they can play puppet masters through a cadre of strategically placed minions, agents who sit on boards or dole out funding and suggestion. All these boys and girls are so smart they must be right about everything. What’s good for them is good for all, eh? We are in a deadly war for the people against corporate plutocracy.


The Kochs bear great responsibility, along with their fundamentalist religious agents, for the wild-eyed, deer-in-headlights loss of connection to facts evidenced by Michele Bachman and her ilk in and out of Congress. These idiots never knew there is a war of which they should have gained real understanding instead of superstitious notions. Sadly, they are too deeply committed to their delusions to be retrieved unto reality. The same likely applies to their instigators at the top of the food chain, sharpening utensils.


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