The Koch Konspiracy! (Part 2) #218 –Robert M. Shelby, 10-11-13. [483 txt wds]

Most of the following information comes from relational maps on [] The late Fred C. and Mary R. Koch had two sons, David H. and Charles G. These boys have followed in their daddy’s example as with a vengeance to secure his legacy and perpetuate his aims, greatly magnified. The family has important allies and/or paid agents who operate a nation-wide support network of influence and finance.

Notable names are: J. Arthur Pope, Richard Mellon Scaife, Dick Armey, William J. Bennett, Mike Pence, Thomas A. Coburn, Bobby Jindal, James W. DeMint, Antonin Scalia, Clarence and Virginia L. Thomas and formerly Paul M. Weyrich, now deceased; Richard H. Fink; Lawrence D. Fink; Peter F. Geithner; Timothy F. Geithner; David Geithner; Alan Greenspan; Condoleeza Rice; Peter J. Peterson; Robert E. Rubin; Henry Paulson, Jr.; Robert W. Poole, Jr.; Walter E. Williams — along with several high administration officials and corporate business leaders. They and others sit on boards of directors and trustees, many as members of multiple or interlocking directorates or merely in private offices. (Even Janet L. Yellen and Jon L. Huntsman are associated with the below-named Pacific Council on International Policy.) It seems that these people help manage the spidery web of front groups, active groups, foundations, institutes, universities and “advisory” councils. Money seems endlessly available; influence and advice plentiful.

Prominent among these are: David H. Koch Charitable Foundation; Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation; Fred C. & Mary R. Koch Foundation; Koch Industries; Koch Industries annual conference; Exxon-Mobile Corporation; ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council); Heritage Foundation; Heritage Action For America; Cato Institute; Mercatus Center; National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform; Center for Security Policy; Intercollegiate Studies Institute; Mountain States Legal Foundation; Americans for Limited Government; Roe Foundation; Goldwater Institute; Reason Foundation; Republican Study Committee; America’s Future Foundation; William E. Simon Foundation; Sarah Scaife Foundation; Atlantic Legal Foundation; Mackinac Center for Public Policy; Center for Study of Public Choice; Competitive Enterprise Institute; Independence Institute; Pacific Research Institute; Manhattan Institute for Policy Research; Young America’s Foundation; George Mason University Foundation; Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty; FreedomWorks; Knowledge and Progress Fund; Bill of Rights Institute; Donors Capital Fund; Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation; Center for Policy Analysis; State Policy Network; Searle Freedom Trust; National Taxpayers Union; Mont Pelerin Society; Independent Women’s Forum; Tax Foundation; Institute for Justice; Free Congress Foundation; Council for National Policy; International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics; Americans for Prosperity Foundation; Citizens for a Sound Economy; Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation; Council on Foreign Relations; American Constitution Society; National Women’s Law Center; Open Society Foundations; Federal Open Market Committee; federal Reserve Bank of New York; Group of Thirty; Group of 20; Kissinger Associates, Inc.; Trilateral Commission; RAND Corporation; International Monetary Fund; Inter-American Development Bank; Argyros Foundation. Add the Federalist Society!

Do you now feel smothered in octopus-like tentacles of all that good-sounding stuff?

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