The GOP “Doomsday Machine” –Robert M. Shelby, 2-5-12. [512 txt wds]

Our radically conservative friends continue to offer plenty of provocation, even locally, but I have refrained from answering. Why? Democrats have already won the 2012 election. Our neighbors over to the far right of imaginary center have done it for them, and can’t figure out how to stop helping Obama win. The genuine conservatives of the GOP establishment deeply worry about the slippery slope they find themselves teetering upon. The spectacle presented to the American public by their struggle to find a worthy candidate have both amazed and sickened much of the precious swing vote.

The sickness will not go away. The big cooky of Republican “leadership” has crumbled into a chaos so disgustingly crumby that the party will not recover in the forseeable future. It doesn’t matter one iota what happens henceforth in these state events. Republicans’ sole hope will be for the national convention to reveal a heretofore unnoticed, heavy hitter. It will not be Chris Christy. No fat man has gained the presidency since Cleveland and Taft. The sad fact for Republicans is, they have no heavy hitter of prior national repute standing ready who might be acceptable to all fragments of the shattered party.

There will be a massive effort, already in motion, to devastate democracy and the Democrats by flooding the media. Advertising with pac-man money will not avail. Surely we remember all the times Republicans harped at Democrats as “big spenders” who thought every problem could be solved by “throwing money at it.” Just as surely, the GOP’s big-spending backers will fail this time because the public can only be fooled so often, in spite of Rove’s notions, and it is already saturated with foolish adver-tainment. “Occupy” is everywhere. Spring is on the way. We are not going to take it, any more!

Yes, Obama has not acted perfectly in all ways, but we see the alternatives. The “Big Money Maniacs” will at last learn a sore lesson, and so will our sore losers from the last election, i.e., our local nay-sayers. Moreover, the sore winners of Tea Party seats in the House will feel the ground under them liquify in the earthquake that is coming. Far-right religiosi had best pray for the predicted End of the World to happen right around election day, so that the Rapture will short-circuit any hope for the “leftist utopia” they despise and fear. No one should have anything nice, say the backwardites, or reside in a good circumstance who hasn’t worked their ancestors to death for it. And if they themselves sweated some blood for it along the way also, good for them, say we all.

Remembering how many years I suffered spiritually under Republican administrations, I sympathize with today’s nay-sayers and carpers against Obama and all his works. The pain they endure is too deep for them to manage philosophically or intelligently, for they are anything but “liberal.” They can only make verbal war on Obama and on democracy itself, like the Supreme Court majority, while pretending to uphold it by actually upholding nothing but misrepresentative government.

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