Jim Pugh’s Deep Misery –Robert M. Shelby, 1-28&29-12 [489 txt wds]

Sympathy for Jim Pugh’s terrible, sad state overwhelms me and I have to speak out. Jim suffers too much from the fact of Barack Obama’s presidency. I suppose he scarcely sleeps and can’t think about much else except where his money is invested and how poorly it’s doing because Democrats are in charge, no matter they can get little past Tea Party opposition. Jim seems gripped by depression. He sees the U.S. sliding toward “European Socialism.” [If he means the way Norway and Sweden resolved their long conflicts between labor and management, he should see that there are worse economic systems and no better ones. We should be so lucky.

People deeply depressed tend to lose capacity for complex understanding and intricate thought. They are at war. They struggle against that of themselves which perpetuates depression. Issues turn simple. They think their pain stems not from conditions within but from circumstances outside impinging on their inner lives. They don’t grasp that the pain results from uncontrolled stuff inside them. They have to project their inner war outward on to the external world. Jim scarcely senses the big fight going on in him. Otherwise, he might write humorously above the fray in ways we would all enjoy. But, Jim is a one-trick pony. He only knows how to be a victim of all he feels is unrighteous.

Instead, Jim feels compelled to skate on the edge of truth about Obama, claiming that he is totally devoted to labor unions against all good things possible for this nation. Jim falls into travesty, claiming our president cares little for truth unless it serves his agenda. But, that’s always been the GOP strategy. In fact, it’s Jim’s main tactic. I say, tactic, because it’s not properly strategic. It’s doomed to fail, because too many of its chickens are now coming home to roost, and everyone knows it but the “basest 30%” who will always be in denial about what the whole country knows.

Jim accepts every sort of estimate or half-truth that supports his assertions. He thinks the Keystone II pipeline offers 20,000 American jobs and that these are rejected because Obama won’t make a “hard decision” against labor!  See how simple Jim’s picture gets? He leaves out the really meaningful, long-term issues: Air. Water. Land. Jim impugns Obama’s loyalty to working people and the poor as cover for Jim’s own dedication to trans-national money held by much of our one-thousandth of 1%. Jim’s self-importance is inflated vastly beyond his real ability and worth to the world. I suppose it takes one to tell one. Would Jim be helped by others besides himself telling him how great he is? I wish he had the quality, character and strength to run for office, himself, but that might cost him something. Maybe he’s not so great, after all. Nor so smart.

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