(Backing up to 10-20-10 and) Burning Britches! –Robert M. Shelby [478 wds]

In Benicia Herald’s Oct. 20 Forum feature, “Burning bridges,” old Col. Jam Pew, USMC, ret., invokes old Murphy’s Law to enforce Jam Pew’s Law on burning Barack Obama out of office before his term ends. Jam’s britches are burning behind him to get this done by anything he can say to make it look inevitable. What a faker! Tea Party and Repuglican campaigns are failing before his eyes, so Jam tries to shift failure on to the President for not fulfilling the whole Democratic agenda. As if the ‘PubLick’n carcasses in Congress had no hand in blocking such progress.

Next, Jam makes a weak, shifty allusion to Politico.com (a rightist opinion website) to shore up his accusation that Obama had a starting agenda and now feels a good part of it has been accomplished. Of course, Obama had an “agenda.” Oh, poisonously nasty word! Everybody who has purpose or wish in life “has an agenda!” Smoke pours out of Jam’s britches indicating he thinks it’s risky to say “a majority of politically savvy” folks might “dare to differ” with Obama on how much he’s gotten passed ‘em.

Whatever they are, Jam’s pissed, but not enough to extinguish the highly distinguished fire in his pants. Next, he turns the razor-like thinness of his mind on what he fancies is a cozy relation between Obama and the mainstream media. Lord, love the duck that is cooking in Jim’s britches! According to Jam, the huge, health care bill got “forced down the throats of the American people,” yet the only ones retching and screaming from pharyngeal abrasion and torn gullets are the richest, anti-social folks who didn’t need it  but imagine terrible suffering under their dollars. Next, he shifts his entire battery of twelve, 20-inch gun-barrels broadside to the Arizona (situation,) aiming very selectively at only what he wants to see. I quote him, “There is something very odd about all of this.” Failing to hit any target effectively, Jim then directs our attention to the unprecedented enormity of letting five Central and South American countries join a federal lawsuit against Arizona over its treatment of Latinos. Jim is enraged that people-serving, dictatorial, little Venezuela is among the five, and it really irks him that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is not in his burning back-pocket along with that hot, Supreme Court Five.

Jam’s absolute loyalty to the most rapaciously self-serving, earth-damaging, humanly uncaring people in the world, and to their outmoded brand of Individualism (now merged with Fascist Corporatism) would beggar belief, did it not show either his selective blindness or a participative guilt that requires his living in total denial of the negative side of what he sees as gloriously sanguine.

Lastly, Jam joins the dominant minority of crazies in his political fraction to raise the fearsome spectre of Islamic Imam-ification in America, impugning the President for approving the building of a Muslim outreach center near Ground Zero. Jim sure knows how to press the Stupid button in the American dummy whom he experiences, first hand. Nice thing about store-window dummies is, they are not smarty enough to be really devious. They’re quite pleasant, really. When their pants burn, they don’t feel it.

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