On Dennis Lund’s unbalanced backwardism in print. –Robert M. Shelby, 12-9-10.

Dear ____:

A note on Lund’s deliciously pseudo-literate asininity. It’s absolutely clear he’s never read word, one, by George Lakoff, having no information on him but what I provided in my Forum features. He parroted me, and in his usual snidely malicious style, went on to kick a few trouble-ridden Democrats whose bad judgment has dimmed their prospects and then with inimitable wrong-headedness took up for “poor” Tom Delay, as if the Democrats had done him in. Delay’s latest trouble stems not from misdeeds in Congress, but from wrong-doing in Texas, after he left D.C. Only a crooked soul could ever stand up for him. He’s another bad dude I wouldn’t buy a used car from if it had solid gold bumpers under the paint.

Moreover, he’s totally unaware of Lakoff’s immense national and international standing and has a totally imaginary, reductive view of Berkeley people. He knows nothing about Berkeley society, demographics or geography, and little of his own. He does no research on his own, but likely echoes boiler-plate yapping-points from his opinion nipple-nursers. He claims an engineering degree, but you have to know, Pete Bray, with an engineering M.A. and years of management history, is really honest and smarter.

I won’t even talk about Robert Livesay, more than to say he’s a paler carbon copy from the same, twisted original that produces Lund.

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