Dots connect as smoke clears! –Robert M. Shelby, 11-1-10. [211 txt wds]

For several weeks I’ve exchanged sporadic emails with a local real-estate & loan agent. His Tea Party advocacy has been astonishingly intense. He has vacillated erratically between defense and attack modes. It scrambled both his presentation and grammar to the point of seeming at times unhinged. At last, maybe I understand why he seemed to have little worthwhile understanding of his own side, or mine.

The Tea Party was engineered by big-money not only to take advantage of resentment, disappointment and partisan reaction to losing in 2008, but fortuitously to provide cover for many people implicated in nefarious deeds connected with the recent real-estate and banking scandals. These involved ‘liar-loans,’ inflated property values, falsely reported buyer income, shifty paperwork and illegal repossessions. My guess is, this fellow is up to his neck in chicanery or the near appearance of wrong-doing. He was likely always Republican, but now he hopes desperately to deprive the government of means to call him and his guilt-laden, fearful colleagues to account. He may be safe, now, for a couple of years or get away with it, entirely, maybe to do it all over again.

In other words, the Tea Parties are largely nothing but scams on the American people, perpetrated by those who want to evade justice and promote further injustice.

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