Why GOP will lose all in 2012. –Robert M. Shelby, 11-1-10. [408 txt wds]

Whatever happens (or will have happened) on November 2nd, Republicans will lose nearly everything in the 2012 election. Why? They have shown unmistakably dishonest strategy, bad character and disloyalty to the American public. Basing their 2010 tactics on whipping up anger, resentment, disappointment, impatience and childish gullibility of ordinary people into a froth skimmed off into the Tea Party movement, the GOP money-baggers and their disinformants will have managed to win enough seats in congress to make things even worse for the nation during the next two years than they were during the previous two.

You Republicans want to see anger? Like the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, you will have wakened the sleeping giant of the American people. There will be too few sleepers left in 2012 for your propagandizing agitators to drug into dreamland, this time. Determined recoil against Republican methods, money and candidates will raise a tsunami that sweeps away the forces of regression, putting Barack Obama back in office for a second term with the support of massive majorities of Democrats. No amount of fat-cat money or covert, foreign donations will suffice because people are getting immunized to the effects of negative bombardment by media. It won’t work any more.

Popular approval for the Supreme Court’s five enemies of democracy is so low, not one of them could get on the court if their offices were elective. It will be more than two years before congressional action can take effect to circumvent their wrongful works. The American giant will not forget. No amount of semantic engineering can put this geni back into the bottle. It will gather force quietly and in due course deliver such a blow to the radical, pseudo-conservative outlook as will unsettle its collective mind and drive it so far underground that the mere getting of wealth for wealth’s sake will lose prestige for a generation, perhaps permanently.

People will seek to become creative, firstly, of themselves by improving their minds; secondly, by improving the world around them; and thirdly, assisting the power and process of creation by removing obstacles from before it and interference from around it. They will not put up with retrograde nonsense, any more. They will not countenance obfuscation. We will enter an age of progress that will totally astonish the backwardites with its workability and beneficience, making them wonder what could ever have let them imagine they were really alive or had meaningful ideas for the world.

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