Thanks to the Tea Party Movement –Robert M. Shelby, 4-5-11. [570 txt wds]

It begins to look like the GOP is no longer sleep-walking but Dead Man Walking! How it expects to beat Obama and keep its House majority after 2012 by massive spending alone seems most mysterious. Its vaunted “popular majority” has dried up and shriveled back to it’s normal base of around 30% of the electorate plus 10% still in a state of addled confusion. Since new governors in the Old Northwest states and a couple of others have shown their hands as anti-labor, anti-entitlements and out-to-gut- the-middle-class in disregard of the platforms they ran on, back-lash has grown that will almost certainly overwhelm them by or before next January with recall elections to turn them out along with several Republican legislators and replace them with Democrats. This Dead Man Walking is wearing the Tea Parties as tassels on its shoes. They will be washed away as by tsunami in twenty months unless a miraculous downfall happens to the Democrats. There appears no hint of it on the horizon.


Democrats seem to be holding their own against the odds. Control of Senate and White House stymies GOP goals (such as they have pitiably come to be.) Concentrated on defaming Obama and nay-saying his agenda, Republican figure-heads offer nothing more constructive than symbolic sops to their base, especially its more radical portion, the Tea Partiers, who have managed to throw the larger party into disbalance and division. Many of us saw from the outset this was likely to happen, due to the naîve shallowness of the TP’s so-called principled approach. “Principled!” There’s a dandy word that get’s thrown around in talk shows including from out of some mouths on CNN and MSNBC where heads should be smarter about using words. Principles are not mere sound bites and catch phrases like “smaller government,” “free markets” and clinging to sub-literate, literal-sounding, wishful versions of the U.S. Constitution while imagining the White House and Democrats conspire to establish Islamic Socialism! To call it a “principled” approach ennobles and elevates it far above its actual merit.


Was it Reagan or “daddy” Bush who started calling the Democratic Party the “Democrat” Party? In future, I will refer to the Republican Party as the ‘Publican Party. Notice that I show them the courtesy of an apostrophe denoting the missing syllable.


The ‘Publican Party has had more than a syllable of intellecual substance shorn from it by interloping Tea Partiers who have had quite a party at the expense of everyone else. They began “principally” from unhappiness with losing their votes to the inspiring John McCain/Sarah Palin ticket and getting instead a really whole man who’s half black into the presidency. The GOP’s ticket got punched out of recognition as it deserved. The same will happen to whatever ticket the ‘Publicans can put up for 2012 because they haven’t got anybody both good enough and with enough appeal, and their theories are flat-out bankrupt. Even with twenty months to go before next election, the ‘Publicans will be unable to rescue themselves by any means that won’t look to the public as transparently patched together from sheer desperation as another set of The Emperor’s New Clothes. At the core of the whole right-wing is greed with its insecurity and guilty fear, coupled with aggressive will to dominate finance, politics and society. These make a rotten foundation for the United States of America to stand on.

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