Follow up to “Slick & Twisted! R. M. Shelby, 4-11-11.

[Dear Editor:]

I’m quite happy to take that letter off my blog and replace it with an “essentialized” version. As for communication, that will not likely happen in a meaningful way, anyhow. Yeah, name calling is anathema to them but not for them. Their name calling is adjectival or classificatory? How sophisticated! BTW, you ought to see some of their ‘comments’ on my blog. That’s where I give ’em hell back. Not many viewers dip into it,but if you want to see belittling remarks, look in there at theirs. While we’re at it, maybe I should complain about the unreconstructed wing-nuttiness of my critics. These guys are not traditional conservatives. Always on the attack, their intellect is given over to gaining power, not to revealing truth. In fact, they continually conceal their real premises and show little grasp of the consequences of reaching their objective. I see their entire semblence of reason as based on chagrin, reacting to losing the 2008 election, or worry that slow recovery keeps their portfolio values low whether jobs return or not. What wonders would they or we have seen had the GOP ticket won? Gad! It beggars thought. If their agenda (covert though it seems) prevails in 2012, the House looks ready to ‘disappear’ all this country’s gains from the 20th century. Rather than get on sound footing, we’d be thrown back down to 1910 or 1870! Wish mid-2000 back.

I have suggested to these bully-boys (whether it reached print or not) that they should show us their program. Tell us what they want done, not just continually whine about things. Reveal their beliefs & views positively, not always complain about liberals and slap at Obama. Their approach, frankly has been chicken-shit and bull-shit. Indeed, I’ll bet that Col. Blank-o, when on active duty, was (in service parlance) ‘horse-shit’ with the men. I’d like you to request that these nut-bags come clean instead of carping like tiny girls about name-calling on the playground. –Bob Shelby
P.S.: Note how they yearn for ‘bourgeois’ decorum from me while working to chip away at our whole, middle class? Any discrepancy there? Any lack of consistent integrity? Any hint they have no idea who they really are? Who anybody is? Who the clowns and phonies may be or how high up the food-chain they reside? –Thanks.

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