Endurance, or departure? 242 —Robert M. Shelby, 10-5-14. [300 txt wds]

In the few years left to my life, I will be happy to contemplate being out of this world that holds so many people who call themselves “conservative” but  who really mean they oppose social progress and any improvement of the common lot save what they wrongly think should “trickle down” from them, the wealthiest. I must sadly despise people who think human progress reduces to one of the Socialisms they fear and vilify without clear understanding, but who leap to obscure it in emotional cloud. By identifying Socialism with its historic worse cases, they divert many from sensing universal need for civic values and communitarian policies. They abandon dictionary meanings and foist their own terms, along with their own partial vision of the world as they wish it. They prefer a world of each against all but their own kind, viewing their kind far too narrowly.

There is not much to be done with this state of matters but to endure or depart. The split between the two sides, right and center-to-left, will be cured only by catastrophe. This may well happen. Despite hopeful signs, the situation looks bleak. More and more folks vote against the future by opting out of heterosexuality or not having children. These are often sensitive, sensible citizens who would be good parents. I myself have not one grand-child. My legacy is what may remain printed on paper, between book-covers. Will the coming catastrophe be only financial to this nation? Or geological, seismic, or climatological and deeply worldwide? Why not all of the above? The Masters sleep. The sleep-dreaming Masters are forces like Godzilla, nuclear tsunami, Ragnarok. Collapse. Yet, their awareness seems confined to dreams about money, property, status, self-enhancement. Winning an election, or prize, where the only prize is a waterless and polluted desert.

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