American Malaise, the U.S. Malady! 240 —Robert M. Shelby, 10-1-14. [1020 txt wds]

This is being written from my wit’s end. It feels as if I write from the middle of Bedlam. These United States of America have become a madhouse. To some degree they always were, but, in the last thirty years, insanity has worsened acutely, dramatically, exponentially. Today we are poised in a moment of calm as before an impending storm of chaos or correction.

After some nine months of silence, I return to print only to find the same opponents pretending criticism but practicing malevolent hatred and unbalanced partisanship, factitiously factual and un-brilliantly facetious. They have learned nothing but how to be more distinctly unpleasant, combative, presumptuous, wrongfully assertive and extreme. They recycle and multiply illness. They feed back and intensify each other’s militantly dys-informative circularity. It alienates them from people of mental breadth and psychic balance. They desperately fortify themselves with self-assurance by associating with similarly deranged folks in a sub-national, sub-rational bubble of dissociative attitude. They “get it together” by coming apart and pulling others apart.

Of course, in their inverted, backwardly conceived worldview, they are the only ones who have everything “right.” One fellow, who is retired and a nice family man, trained in a trade but very narrowly educated, calls me clueless. It’s his stock-in-trade, expressing his own status perfectly. Another has technical background and profession but is badly self-taught in humanity. Worse, he has let his financial success rule his head and squeeze his heart into a small compass. Such denatured and radicalized “conservatives” as these are retrogressively inclined about all things but their sickness, in which they revel wildly. Confronting healthy, empathetic people, they show their worst and make healthy folks feel sick. These radicals delight in having destructive effect. It makes them feel actually worthwhile and real, because little else does.

Did you ever talk with an old-time, genuine Communist? Nowhere could you penetrate their iron circularity. They had a defense to answer any attack or doubt. Their conceptual set was self-reinforcing like that of a thoroughgoing Freudian therapist. Freud and Marx had ways of undercutting and sewing up opposition. Today’s radical “con” servers have all the answers. There are very few real Marxists left in this country, but there are many “Ayn Rand”-style reactionaries. I read her books in my twenties and found them entertaining, but lacking much good sense. She had over-reacted with radical extremity to her experience of Soviet Russia.

My enemies, those Forum-haunting backwardites, will object to all I write and try to deconstruct at least half my statements. No matter, they themselves are in a deconstructed condition, having lost even the notion of how to be centered. For them, nothing is in the middle but roadkill. If they have their way, I and all my sort will be roadkill or confined to Guantanamo. You will not likely find the word “backwardite” in political dictionaries, yet. It has been in use since the 1990’s, and refers to anti-progressives who cannot face reality unless it imitates the world of 1790 or 1890, or lets them model it after 1930’s fascist autocracies. They like corporate power and popular submission of others to oppressive authority. They will dispute anything one says about them and mock anything constructive offered short of absolute agreement with them.

The Republican Party and its Libertarian and tea-party components go crazier, month by month and delight in the prospect of national failure, the death of democracy. They see themselves as the only true Americans left, but they have left the true Americans and gone into a “righteous” Cloud Cuckoo Land of purely individualist ideas, while painting those they abandon in the most unflattering light and ugliest visage they can imagine. They are good at that, in fact, better at negation than anything else. They demonstrate that continually in congressional inaction and obfuscation. They represent the death of this nation, not its rebirth. In them all’s misrepresented.

Western civilization has become a cancer on the biosphere. The radical rightists epitomize doom by serving the culture of death. They allow and encourage every abuse of nature by unfettered capital and any abuse of community by licentious speech now including uncontrolled flow of cash or credit. They want Haves able to stand on the necks of Have-nots. In terms of biology, the backwardites conceive evolution as depending only on animal survival. Human survival has not yet come across their conceptual horizon. Human survival always required whole, working communities, not just whole, working bodies. In fact, bodies require community for full context.

Is that too deep for you reverse geniuses? Do you have to get up off hands and knees to think about it? Can you really think, or only echo your masters? Maybe you’d have to get the Fat Cats and Dollar Signs out of you heads to find room to think. We see the Fat Cats and Dollar Signs gleaming from your eyes. We do not see goodness and love there but in thinly reflected poverty. Fears of not owning and governing everything and everyone. Hatred for your own limits.

If you were decent human beings, you would feel sad for our situation and try to meliorate it, kindly reducing tensions in our world instead of spreading sickness and enjoying injury to your fellow citizens by screwing with their emotional chemistry. But, of course, you want us stupid Liberals and Socialists (as you mis-call us) and Humanists — decently caring, holism-oriented folks to die. You want us to hate you back and wish you dead. We just about do. Keep pushing your sh_t down our throats, we will rise up and help you die the death that such rotten bas-turds require. Enjoy yourselves until we Occupy your guts and burn your frat-party offices. Lastly, I warn you:

The midterm election will be very close in many places, but you lot will lose, broadly. Even if you take the Senate, you lose because if it turns on Koch-addiction money, it will be the last straw for real folks in this country who are capable of apocalyptic upset to your apple-cart, no matter your armored swat teams. You watch your sick asses and pray.

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