Consuming the gods of consumption. #209 –Robert M. Shelby, 9-25-13. [600 txt wds]

Sophocles, for one, wrote (in Antigone): “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Any nation is crazed by splitting its populace into factions opposing each other. Persons go insane from wanting two or more incompatible things with equal intensity, such as orderly conduct and joyful abandon. Our nation wants both abundant, cheap energy and a viable, clean world.

Male and female come apart, genders and generations lose mutual understanding and trust, distance increases between poor and rich, between government and the governed, between this nation and that, them and us. One or more groups decide truth is theirs alone, they have all the facts while every other group suffers delusion, dishonesty and error. Emotions pervert speech, words lose commonality, world views diverge into partialities of focus and interest, differences of perception breed conflict between wants.

In our world, “The Gods” are those who live in financial stratosphere above us and our concerns: the mega-rich power brokers for whom almost anything proves buyable and who live with their peers as in a hall of mirrors. The gods love chaos for its results are predictable and can be influenced by strategies. They love chaos for through it they rule above and beyond common view and law, they bring the mass to a boil, the containing culture weakens and shatters, the gods feast and grow fatter on fragments. It is clear that the high gods of consumption are already insane and have long been so.

Yet, We, the People, know not clearly who they are and what they want. Many of us know not who we are or want. We see only cloud and myth, the pretensions posited by media and entertainment. The gods laugh and fly while we humans cry, no relief, no redress, only wildness and excess while our worst madly capitulate into serving these alien gods. Scarcely knowing who we are, the gods easily delude us. They do not forget that without our split-witted service and labor they die and justice begins happening.

Physics suggests, in the beginning was, is and will be an initial or initiating singularity. Often described as The Big Bang, it has never ended. It is ongoing and continuously  with us, still. It is in us. In fact, we are it. Anyone can access this originating singularity any time, at will. Many often do, ignorant of what they do inadvertently. How can it be tapped into? By giving place to it and getting out of its way. It “knows” us more fully and deeply than we can know ourselves. It is our being, aware of our proficiencies and deficiencies as well as our wants and needs. It responds to preparation and effort, when we let it deliver. like an efficient servo-mechanism.

Paradoxically, we are machines and it is the driver, the faceless force, a dark light of deliverance from difficulty, a spidery thing as with feet feeling many webs. You may not like spiders, but your brain is a vibrant web of pulsing circuitry around a mercurial center you cannot know but which is your knowing. Let me work, says the brain-mass and its neural system, your ‘heart’ is part of me. All your parts are mine. You, Ego, can never encompass your container. I live beyond analysis. Your lights are shadows to me, I never judge, reflect nor reject them. I give you only merited peace and joy.” Let our brain-masses work, says the world. In work alone find we our unknown worth. Peace comes unbidden to the battlefield within. It brings time for selfless play. Breathe deeply.

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