North Carolina Secedes? (#197) –Robert M. Shelby, 7-24-13. [417 txt wds]

Yes. North Carolina, with its latest legislative wave of anti-human lawmaking, secedes not from the United States, which would lead to civil war, but from civilization itself. Many millennia have been required to achieve the revered social condition of a stable and benevolent polity with economic life which bids to allow everyone equal opportunity to sit at the table and exert control over their circumstances, as well as a culture which provides and promotes many modes of self-expression and appreciation of others and their works. This includes minimally impeded freedom to vote and participate in governance at many levels. (Well, to be sure, we have not yet reached beyond some mere appearances of civilization to its full substance in reality.) To do away with such conditions sets our people on a return track to the Dark Ages.


Radical extremism has taken over the elected power elite of that benighted state. The “upper-crust” of North Carolina falsely senses itself to be strongly advancing (or returning to) conservative values. In fact, it takes up and promotes the worst forms of anti-social misogyny and anti-progressive backwardism conceived in our nation to date. Not even Ayn Rand was so sadly bewitched with her own misconceptions as are these Republican office holders in North Carolina. One would suppose them to be committed to destroying the very foundation of Americanism. That foundation is meta-literary and extra-legal, consisting of attitudes stemming from the Enlightenment and the formation of our federal Constitution, which state constitutions must in essence emulate. These attitudes are, of course, deeply reflected in our literature and law.

It is equally sad that a shaky majority of the U.S. Supreme Court consists also of such elegantly self-preening and misguided individualists. Its members display a sort of narrowly experienced, hence ideologically committed, idiocy. Their devotion to law and attention to its field may be deep, but they focus as if within horse-blinders which deprive them of broader view of our world (which includes themselves, rather than its reverse, that is to say, a view of the world which subordinates the world’s interests beneath or within their own interests in class-status and wealth.)

I fear that our country cannot waken and cast off these people’s dreams without a general spanking, harsh and severe, from which we shall all suffer needlessly. They seem determined to provide us with that bad treatment, scarcely grasping that it will, sooner or later, devastate themselves and their families along with us and ours.

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