Who’s Afraid? #185 –Robert M. Shelby, 12-26-12. [381 txt wds]

“Who’s afraid of the big, bad cliff? I’m not, say the little blue hen. Just me, say the big, red bull. Hen say it takes little to make her grin. Bull say it takes a lot to fill him full.”

A TV news report today indicates a big majority of Republicans polled by Washington Post takes a dim view of their future in 2013 while nearly as many Democrats respond with optimism. Maybe far-right conservatives fear getting shot down in the streets by maniacally elevated liberals. With two-hundred and eighty million guns owned among the U. S. population of three-hundred-plus million, the far right must feel hopelessly under-protected. While NRA members typically want better gun law enforcement, they don’t seem ready to give up any firepower.

The fiscal “cliff,” of course, is viewed more grimly from the right than from left or center. Folks on the right are more heavily invested in markets, but this little blue piggie stayed home so he’s not in danger of quick butchery. The biggest piggie may be in for a trimming but will never shrink down smaller than the little black & blue piggies in the middle class. They’ll get stepped on even if lightly by everyone falling over the cliff.

Obama offered Boehner more than the Democratic base cared to give up. This was a highly skillful negotiation. Obama knew Boehner’s tea-party carcass unlikely to stand with him, so the president saw it likely they would let the country slide off the cliff, showing themselves unwilling to govern considerately for the whole country. Hence, that country would wipe them out in 2014.

Well, I’m not afraid of the future. Not much of it is left, for me. At my age, I can afford to laugh at what fools these mortals be. After all, the fiscal cliff is only a pot-hole in the road compared to the worldwide economic collapse predicted by many to be coming. You can drag your old A-Bomb shelter up out of the basement, but it won’t save you. Collectively, we are too ill-informed, split up and stupid to keep the asteroid from puncturing all the bubbles at once that have been inflated by half-way measures. Don’t blame Obama. This was all a really, really High Class affair. G-g-g-good bye, folks!

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