Winning and losing as one thing? #180 –Robert M. Shelby, 11-27-12. [532 txt wds]

Have ever you seen such a desperate scramble of people in mental disarray as the folks from center right clear off into space who focussed themselves on the Republican Party until the morning of November 7th, after President Obama’s smashing reelection? Did you ever see such a scurry of number crunchers analyzing their second-guesses of voter district, group-interest and minority difference accounting for the rude shock of loss?

How totally unexpected was Democratic victory for those who paid attention only to polls that suited GOP bias and the filtered opinion products inside the FOX News disinformation-factory of dream-bubbles. Here’s a new chorus of loss-deniers who disparage the facts to disclaim public reality. There went Michael Barone, swept downwind on Karl Rove’s coattails, counting up GOP wins in State Houses and cities to show how well off they are and how much they have left to build on toward 2014, not mentioning that their current salvation is owed largely to gerrymandered districts, nor that the Tea Party’s tea is cooling, that Grover Norquist has lost much appeal, that Rove himself and Rush Limbaugh with all the radio talk radicals are left high and dry like fish out of water and starting to exude even fishier aroma.

Let John Boener and others crow tearfully about having kept control of the House. His control has weakened. Democrats are strengthened by the Emily’s List women coming into congressional seats and loss of several of the worst Tea Baggers. At the midterm election, democracy will return to the House which will again represent the will of the people instead of gridlock by dragging anchors to favor the retrogressive One-Percent.

Let us now work toward supporting every sign of progressive and populist conscience in Barack Obama. Let us hope he can be persuaded to abandon his extra-legal powers, Guantanamo and unilateral assassination via drone strikes. Surveillance from space and “surgical strike” capability are not yet perfected, nor perhaps should they become so. The medical analogy is dangerous to humanity when it means death and destruction, not white smocks and stethascopes but rubble, scattered flesh, burnt cars and houses, pits in the ground, wrecked streets and wretched neighborhoods. Harsh medicine needs greater control and more carefully measured precision than seems so far available.

Not all aspects of globalism are financial. Impact on human and spiritual dimensions are ultimately more important to the American cause and future of the United States in the larger world. Dark actions waken the tiger in human hearts and turn it loose on the streets. Cities and countrysides burn down in that heat, even when the flames stay invisible. Dirty deeds are not made clean by sweet rationalizing about high values and waving our pretty, two-colored flag. (White, you recall, is not a color.)

Let us trust Obama and work to help him attain his professed ideals and goals, not accepting servitude to the Crown family of Illinois and their General Dynamics enterprise which figures so largely in the dangerous, costly military-industrial-complex, and which so greatly helped him rise in national politics. Let him find his way past risk to freedom, serving this nation through statesmanly reason high above mob interests.

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