To Republican “True Believers”      #178        –Robert M. Shelby, 11-6-12.  [430 txt wds]

If God had anything to do with the formation of your brain and its opinions, you would (1) be a Democrat, and (2) be impervious to lying or lobbyists. Sadly, not all Democrats are impervious to lying or to illigitimate ministrations of lobbyists. More sadly, God has nothing to do with you save in your delusions.

But, as you are a Republican, you are already corrupt in your basic identity. By the time you got born, your votes against honest, democratic process and human equality were in effect. Money had been talking to you from the moment of your conception. Before birth, and before you eventually became a person, you were awaiting the authority of a man on a white horse to lead you to “Liberty Land” as your mind-enslaving, conscience-easing, decision-obviating, choice-limiting, director and dictator.

At birth, you were already in line on the auction block awaiting purchase by some carefully-calculating bidder who would be figuring how to use you more to his advantage than yours. It would turn out that Liberty Land was actually Shadow Land where nothing was clear, transparent or as you supposed. Most essentials were hidden, disguised or clouded by illusory images and pseudo-ideas planted and fostered in your lack of a real mind. What served you as mentality were default skills aimed at licking-up and being useful to someone powerful who maybe didn’t even know you. Ethologists say canines act socially like us, but it is we who act like dogs and wolves.

Yes, I know, none of this squares with your self-image. But, it is your self-image that lies at the root of America’s problems. Your self-image is not accurate enough. You are not real enough. You like to see yourself as the lord of your existence (subject only to God,) but you are a victim of encultured false-consciousness, a delusion. It started with familial insularity. You were isolated by property, social standing and traditional culture from many people and much of the life around you. How could you know your head was full of garbage put there by the dead hands of the past? How could you see, let alone criticize the very pattern of your life? That would require liberal education and the humanities. Never mind abstract “Liberalism,” it is liberality and freedom that really terrify you. As you are, you can scarcely unclench yourself enough to accept transformative change. Like Julius Caesar, you must be constant as the northern star. No learning allowed. It might change your leaning, and that tilt toward the “Right” is your measure of rectitude.

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