Emperor of the galaxy? –Robert M. Shelby, 7-21-12. [545 txt wds]

Right here in Benicia, we have a guy who is either a prophet or an oracle. This lively Sayer of Right-wing and Misogynistic Sagacities insists Romney will win in November by maybe as much as 300 electoral votes, but in any case plenty of ‘em to spare. He seems to feel he has the prophetic power, but he always sounds more oracular than that. Oracles, you know, whenever consulted, respond with vague or ambiguous pronouncements that strain interpretation, verification or credulity. Prophets, on the other hand, typically scare the crepe out of you. Our Sooth Sayer would be really creepy if we could be certain he was clear about his sources of information, and that they were both valid and accurate, not from inside that opaque, far-out data-bubble.

The sources I draw from turn it around exactly the opposite way: Obama by 303 electoral votes. It all depends on swing states whether pink, light blue or wide open having enough credulous people who can be impressed by Niagaras of cash pouring down to buy up all the TV and radio advertising time, and be swayed into believing Romney has no opponent. The election also depends on swing voters not growing sick with disgust at the GOP spectacle their would-be candidates made while tearing each other up on stage. You know the Mavens of Shadowland Imagery will be sowing all the confusion they can invent to foist on the country, by targeting different regions, ethnics and social strata with specially designed, twisted representations of the actual facts. The nice thing for Democratic politicoes is they don’t need to misrepresent. They just need to focus on what Republicans want to ignore and forget. It won’t matter if the RP can hire pairs of strong people to drag every RP voter to the polls. Big Money might win.

Have you noticed, as I have, that our Far-rightwing Writhers have been getting downright desperate, more and more likely to grasp at straw-like interpretations of events? They play the old shell games of bait-&-switch. “Hey, look at this! Isn’t this terrible? How can De-Mock-Rats countenance or tolerate such travesty as I tell you about! Can’t they see anything? All you need to do is put the two and two together as I set ‘em out on the table for you, to get the cup with no pea under it, and go away from the fair with empty pockets and no hope for meaningful change.”

They’re not going to tell you that the iron milk-bottles in the concessionaire’s booth are bolted to the shelf and no twelve pound shot, let alone three baseballs are going to knock any of ‘em over to get you that big panda doll for your lady friend or friendly gentleman.

I will briefly put on the prophetic mantle myself, to tell you that if the GOP (“Greedy Oil Prevaricators”) wins in November, the American people will get the worst screwing they’ve had in the history of the republic and, collectively speaking, they will deserve it. Heaven help progress, good sense, compassion, education and liberal arts. Folks will learn how to suffer under top-down discipline and austerity provided by unmitigated backwardites. You will think Darth Cheney became Emperor of the galaxy.

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