Mississippi? God knows! –Robert M. Shelby, 7-14-12. [544 txt wds]

God knows the Mississippi GOP knows God wants more unwanted, unneeded kids in Mississippi, but, legitimate kids, if possible! Just ask a Mississippi Republican, because, God knows, things aren’t bad enough down in Mississippi! These Mississippians can always stand for things to get worse in every way. Southern senses of victimization and misery are a culturally instituted legacy of suffering since losing the Civil War and previously absolute dominion over a powerless, black slave population. All that relieves southern whites is that their slave population endured worse and longer suffering than whites have, ever since. But, they know God knows Mississippi can stand more suffering, so open the flood gates, not so that the river inundates farmland, but so the state’s social problems can be multiplied by kids their unwell or overburdened mothers didn’t really want to have to cope with, socially, financially or laboriously.

The massed backwardites of Mississippi know God wants no birth controls or abortions for any reason whatsoever. How do you reckon they know this? They have it straight from generations of evangelical preachers and catholic priests who, as everyone knows, “spend their whole lives” figuring it out from bible study so exhaustive that they have no strength left to offer humanity anything better for worshipping Jesus and the saints. Nothing must interfere with fecundity and reproduction subject to no plan but God’s great plan for overrunning the earth and overwhelming nature, for the glory of churches and bible study groups led by these self-sacrificing preachers and priests.

Do you suppose God will help a poor, run-down, over-childed woman whose fine, Mississippi husband insists on exercising his government- and God-given rights over woman even if he is out of work? Yes, he needs above all to keep his Constitution-granted guns to keep anybody from correcting his behavior. And, of course, if he never did marry her, he wants his unfettered freedom to bug out and go to California, devil take that nagging woman and her squalling, snot-nosed brats fathered by God knows who! Imagine, he thinks, wanting me to wear rubbers that reduce my pleasure in sex and make hers last longer. Is there no limit to women’s damnable demandingness?

God knows, Mississippians are a God-fearing lot of bible readers but they don’t show much fear of doing the Devil’s damnable work against sweethearts, wives, daughters, nurses and prosties. What if women were in charge and passed a law to castrate every man over age thirty-two. Do you think there would be horrible hue and cry over that?

No doubt about it, Mississippi needs more deeply suppressed rage among women who feel depressed by oppression under their kindly, considerate “good ol’ boys.” Stockholm syndrome, the conversion of fear and hatred into perverse love for their captors by victims of statewide, mass abduction into reproductive slavery will allow the women of Mississippi to smile and get along. But, God knows, there will be simmering reaction that bubbles up into an increased number of night-time axe murders of men in their beds and rat-poisonings administered at breakfast tables. Maybe the number of murder-suicides will rise to offset the increases among minorities. Maybe it will all balance out, down in Mississippi. God knows, they can use some balance.

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