Right-Wingnut Insanity. –Robert M. Shelby, 10-21-11. [899 txt wds]

Apart from the speeches and remarks of Eric Cantor or John Boehner and the several candidates for Republican nomination, I seldom see a more concerted, compact and compressed string of flat-out lies, unbalanced spins and misrepresentations than was foisted Friday 10-21-11 in Benicia Herald’s Forum by ‘that guy.’ This is one sadly frustrated, badly frightened, ugly minded man who will say anything he supposes may strengthen his party’s position and thereby serve his personal portfolio and ideological interests. He seems to have no idea of how transparent his rhetoric is to sensible people. His position, as presented in writing, is so unbalanced as to bring his sanity into doubt. I don’t know if he is as evilly judgmental as his writing, but it matters little. He’ll throw it right back at me. I’m to blame, the evil errors are all mine.

Clearly, he cares nothing for accuracy and truth. He cares everything about painting dark pictures of President Obama as an incompetent administrator and radical Leftist with a nation-destroying agenda of anti-business persecution against corporations and the wealthy. None of this is in evidence. What evidence ‘that guy’ seems to present is distorted by wishfulness, as usual. ‘This guy’ is so astute, he notices what few others appear to notice, namely, that “…Mr. Obama seems to have pretty much made it up as he has gone along. . . over and over and few seem to have noticed.” This obviously signifies the rare percipience of a truly superior individual, an observer par excellence. Yet, he perceives things wrongly. The dark picture is what surrounds ‘that guy!”

That guy thinks “the press” has been in a coma and is now awakening to Obama’s poor performance. Don’t you love glib over-generalities and conclusions supported only by the selective perception of personal bias? This would make me sick to my stomach, but as I’ve long been a forensic surgeon of rhetorical semantics, I’m used to rotten, stinking, sub-intellectual messes of the sort ‘the guy’ likes to produce. For instance, he surmises that “Some pundits have theorized from the beginning that this president was chosen by a group of power brokers set on taking back the White House by any means necessary.” This would be laughable but for its slick collage of half-truths and GOP projections. He’s isn’t referring to slimy conspirators but to the whole, Democratic apparatus and every liberal and progressive person in the country, private or public! “Some pundits?” FOX & Friends! All successful candidates get “chosen” by groups of political players who think he or she’ll win. Just prior to this, ‘that guy’ wishfully opined that “Obama’s continued plunge in the polls. . . will not abate.” But, polls are both fluid and variable, just as masses of people can be ambivalent, unsure and fickle.

He reached accuracy when he wrote: “How could there be a more perfect candidate to excite America at a time when we were totally fed up with the Republican Party and everything happening in the country?” I add, “fed up with all Republican aims and ways.” Moreover, ‘that guy’ thinks Obama has accomplished nothing at all in his three years. He blames Obama for everything that’s still wrong with the economy and our society. His health care plan was a “debacle.” But, people are deeply ignorant and divided about it. Some of us see it is a great boon to the nation. Mr. ‘Guy’ admits ignorance. He writes, “We know nothing about this president or what is really going on in the Oval Office.” ‘The guy’ hasn’t paid full attention but he needs to spread doubt. He needs to.

‘This guy’ obviously feels it’s reprehensible of the President to aim at raising a billion dollars toward reelection. Mr. ‘Guy’ feels it’s fine for the upper crust to pour uncounted amounts of money into campaigns through SuperPacs, etc., to turn Obama out of office. ‘Guy’ implies Obama needs big money because he has little accomplishment to run on. Many people, like myself, still hope for him to get clear of the damnable stonewalling of this RepUGlican opposition and do what the majority really wanted all along. I’m still hopeful, more now than ever, that the 2012 election will tear down this Republican insanity and put us back on the good road to wholeness and sustainable progress.

‘Guy’ claims Obama stopped trying to run the country months ago. Who could honestly blame him? Just look at the dastardly opponents who confront his every move. I wish ‘That Guy’ could be suddenly transported and stuck in the Oval Office with no support but his idiotic House of Representatives. I’d give him sixty days to have a heart attack or just quit and go home. Of course, he’d do all the damage he could do to any remnant of the New Deal, the Fair Deal or the Great Society, by presidential edict, as quickly as possible. Otherwise, what in hell has he been yapping about for so many months, if not to turn the country into a private preserve for the ultra-rich, circa 1910?

But, after Obama, what does ‘the guy’ have to offer? Only one of the second-rate, eight candidates for the Republican ticket. Not a real and worthy winner in the lot, no matter how much money can get pumped into the race or from where.

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