Tea Party serves itself Kool-Aid –Robert M. Shelby, 9-23-11. [512 txt wds]

Maybe it’s time to quit beating up on the Tea Party folks. They’ve served themselves the Kool-Aid of a narrowly backward, negativistic simple-mindedness that has pretty well poisoned the rest of the Republican Party for this election cycle. They are taking the GOP and themselves down to oblivion. It’s only a matter of time before we see their people falling out of office and littering the Capitol lawns. They’ve shown unenviable capacity for self-important clinging to short-sighted, partial, non-negotiable positions that ignore reality in favor of an idealized dream-world. They would rather realize their dream than work at repairing our real world. They believe that their dream is the big fix our world needs, in spite of many well-reasoned objections that they deny and avoid.

They have preferred emotional meat-cleavers over intellectual scalpels, and snap-shut dogmas over open intelligence. These wrong-headed preferences are what will finally dissolve their movement. They are out of step with a nation that is much more in tune with actual conditions and sensible choices — a majority that suffers the results of half-sensible choices based on an earlier dream — the dreamy Plan For A New American Century’s greedyproponents who wanted to create a U. S. empire on the Roman model which they administered as procurators or gauleiters. Unfortunately, many things unforeseen by PNAC’s Bush-administration perpetrators came to pass which wrecked the dream and drove the nation so near collapse that the resulting mess threatens to take us over the cliff, into the vale of no return from second-rate nationhood.

Silly Dick Cheney is still plumping for this dream. He would have you believe that he and they did no wrong and that history will vindicate their great decisions, if he gets to write it. The country would be well served if he voluntarily shuts up and stays home. To travel anywhere but Israel will likely get him arrested by Interpol and put on trial at The Hague. Out of closets already opening would fall skeletons that look like him.

The latest nonsense from “con-swerve-atives” is their wishful effort to frame corporations and the wealthy as “job creators” when actually they have been “job-withholders” and “job-destroyers.” They use job-creation as carrot on a stick to the nation, luring administration and congress to give them everything they want, including the destruction of a century’s progress. It seems doubtful that Obama’s offer to employers of tax-subsidies for giving jobs to long unemployed workers, young people trying to enter the work-force and veterans returning from service will have much real effect in face of intransigent Republican will to hold Obama to a one-term presidency. No offer by him or measure from Democrats must be allowed to succeed or seem worthwhile. They put their radically ultra-conservative dream ahead of the country’s well being. Some patriots! But, what would you expect of people who live more inside their skulls than in concert with humanity at large? Sugar makes Kool-Aid taste fine. There are still plenty who are lapping it up, arsenic and all.

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