Republican suicide? –Robert M. Shelby, 9-1-11. [585 txt wds]

In my last missile I exploded upon you the suggestion that us common folks, especially those of us who are retired, sick, poor, long unemployed or women in need of abortion, should just quietly quit living. Stop draining the economy with our needs for income, food, health-care, energy,  whatever. This time, I put it to you that our self-sacrifice upon the altar of economic recovery will not be necessary because the Republican Party is even now bleeding from decapitation and heart removal on the altar of Backwardism.

Look at the Republican line-up for the 2012-election’s presidential primary candidacy. Wow! Whatta pack of doggy bags. Except for John Huntsman. He is too intelligent, balanced, genuine and well-informed even to be in company with those dimwitted pretenders to postures of leadership. This is why he will not get elected. The smarts among this bunch may rise to the level of foxes looking for the next meal. If they ever had souls, they sold them for a taste of the limelight and high life, a chance at grabbing that ego-fulfilling brass ring as their merry-go-round goes whirling past it. Not one of these phony facsimiles of humanity has the character to lead dogs for a walk and leave grass on the neighbors’ yards clean. This applies to all the other semi-visible, possible candidates who may soon sense opportunity blowing in the wind. They have zilch!

Never suppose that just because someone has attained high office they belong there. Look at Sarah Palin. Look again, she’s gone somewhere else. How about Mitt Romney? Left to his own devices, he could have been a decent public official. But, he gets squeezed in the political vice and turns into silly putty. Rick Perry? He’s three or four good-looking guys unless he’s in bad humor, but they’re all certifiable Backwardites and wild lunatics playing to the rodeo crowd. Michele Bachmann? A good-looking gal, eyes wilder than a cactus-whipped cow with a thorn-spindled understanding of the world to go with them.

Ron Paul? Don’t make me laugh. He’d stop the Afghan “war” single handed if he knew what to do with the left overs. As for domestic policy, he’s crazy enough to scare the three or four sane folks in the Tea Party away from their mad hatters’ table. That’s the table set by Dick Armey, the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist,  Rush Limbaugh, turtle-faced Mitch McConnell, the idiot-servant Eric Kantor and poor John Boehner who’s just trying to hang on to his job, no matter what or who goes to Hell for whatever. What about Cain? A token chance for an ice-cube in the desert outside paradise. Newt Gingrich? A done-up, fat has-been, hand out for the last buck or feel of a chick younger than whatever wife he has. Calumny? No, it’s all fact.

Say, I’m grateful to fate or whatever that I wasn’t born to be raised as a cross-eyed, short-sighted, dumb bunny who could grow up to be Republican. I’m sorry for that crowd. They must be feeling vulnerably precarious with what they’ve been showing to the people of this country. Their bare behinds are sticking out too far to get under cover. These illiberal, antisocial people are going to get whacked down and kicked out of office no matter what tragic strategies they come up with in the next fourteen months. Bye-bye, red birds, bye-bye. Flap your skinny wings all year, you ain’t gonna fly!

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