The “Principles” of Illiberalism? –Robert M. Shelby, 8-5-11. [266 txt wds]

1.)  Liberalism is bad, unreliable, doomed to fail because ignorant of its Socialist nature.

2.)  Illiberals must always distrust, detest, denigrate and work to overcome Liberalism.

3.)  Illiberals will always be dissatisfied with anything said, proposed, enacted or even thought by Obama or any other Democrat.

4.)  Progressivism is still worse, leading inevitably to national destruction and shame. We oppose its programs at every turn. Social progress is bad for business people and leads to bloody revolution. Violence is unthinkable except when we do it.

5.)  Taxation is oppressive unless it supports police, fire responders and the military. We pay our own way on everything else, except when we go to jail.

6.)  Consumer protection is bad for business, therefore progressive and Socialistic.

7.)  High pay and benefits for workers reduce profit, therefore bad for business. Unions are progressive so we have to wreck them.

8.)  Our measures are conceived and enacted to safeguard and serve the wealthiest folks even though they need much less help than they or we imagine.

9.)  The wealthiest people hire us to make the country run the way they like it.  They hire think-tanks and lobbyists to help us get legislators to see things their way.

10.)  We do all we can to narrow the electorate and reduce the number of voters down to people who think, act and vote the way we do.

11.)  Truth is only for us to know. Facts are for us to fool opposition with.

12.)  Success and winning are of ultimate and sole importance. We’ll do whatever it takes, and then some. Your ideas of ethics are liberal illusions. Don’t bother us with ‘em.

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