The Beyond-Right Cult of Regression! –Robert M. Shelby, 7-22/23-11. [741 txt wds]

Events now demonstrate that everything to the political right and its Far Beyond have become transformed into a culture of ingrown backwardness and a cult of regression. Left to its own vicious devices, the fascism-usurped Republican Party would take our country back to the 19th century era of novels by Walter Scott and Charles Dickens.

U. S. social gains from 1880 through 1970 would be mostly lost. Reversed, broken and obliterated, our citizen’s security nets would be dismantled, public health and proper consumer protections would either vanish or shrivel to meaningless remnants. (They were never yet fully realized.) This is desired by the property worshipping, self-serving, power-hungry and worst forces of plutocracy among monied and corporate elites who continually roar against “the welfare state” as if people-serving institutions were parts of an evil conspiracy against uncaring owners. Unbalanced individualism would reign supreme. All would suffer save the interests of our wealthiest people. Government would be further deformed always to serve them first and only.

These mentally and emotionally deprived, experience warped, would-be aristocrats fancy themselves lovers of freedom! Freedom to deregulate. Freedom to deprive. Freedom to gain at other’s expense. Freedom for “bidness as usual.” Freedom for a representative government to represent only themselves, ignoring humanity and nature. Freedom from taxes and civic responsibility. Freedom to make war at will on countries they want to rob, for the sole benefit of people and groups already too rich to worry about their own basic needs. Freedom for FOX-minded folks to assure their posterity keeps a Darwinesque social advantage and dominant status — as if they could really achieve that, knowing how luxuried families so often decline!

Freedom for people of snake-ethic and spider-morals to swallow us all and suck the world dry. Freedom for falsely-named “job creators” to be in fact “value destroyers” and “work deprivers.” Freedom to lie, spin and misrepresent continually as Republicans now misbehave, using truth or fact only when it furthers themselves.

I just don’t want to live in their sort of country, but I’m old and have nowhere to go. So, I’ll fight  these benighted, ill-directed robots with what means I have. Extreme wing-feathers of the Republican Party’s own Beyond Right Wing have regularly demonstrated profound unruliness. They ignore or subvert their own leaders. Governed only by a narrowly ideological and impractical premise, that of avoiding taxes on great wealth and minimizing service to common folks, allegedly in the name of debt reduction and balanced budget, they show disdain for the living nation and work to bring about their dream of a world “based on principles.” People to the so-called “right” side of our vacant, political center manifest contempt for traditions set forth later than 1912, and disdain for those later than 1932.

Their vaunted principles are show pieces, false fronts. Cut past their verbiage. Collectively, they serve one “principle.” It is well expressed as “Me and Mine First.” “We’ll have ours and take more.” “You don’t count.” “You don’t deserve anything because you are not us and you did not start from the cradle with our materialist motivation to grab more than we could ever earn by coercing government to help us get it and keep it.” “We’ve proven to our satisfaction how smart we are and how stupid you are.” “There’s no real market for any of your so-called values.” “We rule the banks and exchanges, and most of your government through lobbists working your weak politicians and agency heads.”

A case in point of unruliness is Representative Allen West, Republican from Florida, who clearly demonstrated that he is no gentleman by casting off the obligatory decorum of House procedure and villifying Debbie Wasserman-Schultz also of Florida for her brief, mild speech against his support for increasing cost to Medicare beneficiaries. West was a Lt. Colonel in the army but discharged for bodily attack on an enlisted man. Fine, self-controlling gentleman, right? Another is the huff in which Eric Cantor “walked out” a few days ago on President Obama’s conference on a deal between the parties. Still one more is John Boehner’s struggle to rein in the Tea Party caucus short of making the government default on its debts by not raising the debt ceiling within the next two weeks. These people have gone off the grid into La-la Land. Principles? Rules? Hah.

Their “rule” through recent decades has more and more become: “Whatever it takes!”

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