Unmasking “Tea Party Patriots”–R.M. Shelby, 8-10/12-14-10 [574 txt wds]

During every national election cycle, lately, I feel like Sisyphus all over again, trying to roll that great stone uphill, the stone of public, mass-ignorance and misidentification, dysinformation and brain-damage that results from apathy and the Con-servative Big Lie Machine that selectively distorts or falsifies the facts about nearly everything from popular opinion to the natures of God, Man, Life, the universe and nature itself. I try to roll that stone up high enough that people entrapped in it can look out from greater height to see a broader horizon for their world than that to which they are accustomed.

Now, here come the so-called “Tea Party Patriots”. Ingenuously, they call their “Core Values” by the following, three names: Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. Ingenuously, I say, because clearly they do not all understand themselves and the world correctly or the movement which they have let themselves get drawn into. These are not their real values but presentational rhetoric. These “Core Values” form a sweet-looking mask over their really messy face, which the few who truly know what’s going on hope is well hidden from public view. As you will see from their own “Mission Statement” (appended here as page-two) they profess to have a “Philosophy”. (Cf. “Our Philosophy”, bottom page-two.) They (you?) are too ignorant to know what philosophy is. What is stated is no more than the creed of a secular religion devoid of genuine spirituality, a cloak under which to hide race prejudice; class hatreds; encrusted traditionalism; anti-social libertarianism; rusty old age; tribal Republicanism; discontent; blindness not only to actual self-interest but to both the needs and really legitimate wishes of U. S. people for greater equality, openness and democracy versus creeping corporate fascism, secrecy, permanent warfare, rape of “third-world” countries and wage-enslavement with reduced opportunities here at home. One must ask, Is what we now have indeed what you want more of? I doubt it.

Tea Party folks have special meanings for their three, “Core Values”. Their real values are the hopes and wishes of their financial backers, ideological programmers and promoters. Dare we notice that they base their grasp of the Bill of Rights on no more than The Federalist Papers? That’s like learning biology via Darwin, alone! Their ideology is pure Heritage Foundation. Their “Fiscal Responsibility”  means hamstrung government unable to represent anyone but the wealthy, who hate regulation and want “freedom” to impose their financial power over everyone else. Personal Liberty means freedom of a “Corporate Individual” to make money any way it likes. “Free Market” means NO PROTECTION for workers, foreign resources, small business, consumers or any kind of minority. These people are Backwardites! They want “Constitutionally Limited” government, but what about constitutional empowerment? Empowerment not only of our government to do its job in regulating commerce, production, distribution, banking, education, justice, etc., but of protecting individuals, groups and whole classes of society from each other’s malice, greed or lack of decent consideration? The Tea Party acts like it prefers to live back in the jungles of 1820 to 1900. It’s flag should be the Stars & Bars. They hide behind fear of national debt to prevent the progress they do not understand but love to hate. The Tea Party aims only to defeat Obama, go back to Bush policies and elect more radical Republicans. After so much “tea”, they may become the Pee Potty Patty-riots and get flushed by the 2012 Election.

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