Neal Iacono? Who? –Robert M. Shelby, 3-2-11. [312 txt wds]

At first, I couldn’t decide whether it was a fly trying to get up my nose, a flea biting my ankle or a toy dog yapping and nipping at my heel. Shortly, I saw that it was my fellow citizen of Benicia and contributor of letters to the local newspaper’s Forum page: Neal Iacono, whining about the problems my writings pose for his idiotic ideology and foolishly unstrategic communication practices. His tiny attacks against me on the Forum are nearly laughable. His pretensions to being taken seriously as a political thinker and literary critic would be less comedic had he worthy facts and valid logic with which to argue intelligently. But, he never makes cases. He just babbles and cries about how articulately I express things he can’t accept. I’m sorry for the poor fellow. He may have been born Republican and could never outgrow backwardness and a proclivity to suck up to the wealthy, would-be plutocrats. Or, maybe he imagined himself as having a chance to become a one-millionth of one percenter and pay taxes never more

His trouble, whoever he is, stems from erroneous world-view and tilted outlook. His assumptions about human life reflect the ingrown curvature of the UltraRight’s Mind Bubble, inside which all the wingnuts live their dream of victimization by progress and everything liberal, populist or progressive in our institutions, laws and policies. He has looked in a mirror and seen the American People as the enemy. They must be stripped of power and put under the yoke of mega-wealthy, klepto-maniacal oligarchs in a regime of stealth and opaque darkness answerable only to quarterly bottom-lines. I suppose Mr. Iacono knows who he is. I surely do not. My guesswork can only be based on the minor content of character and intellect his writing makes rather evident. Oh, well his grammar deserves commendation.

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