Unintelligent Designers! –Robert M. Shelby, 10-29-10. [531 txt wds]

What to do about Tea Party deadheads like Robert Livesay of Benicia? Nothing. It may have been too late by the time he entered high school. Whatever courses he took, he never learned how to make good use of that thing he supposes is a mind. Learning how to think should precede getting indoctrinated in what to think. Alas, it did not happen.

These Tea Party folks, exemplified by “Hearsay Bob,” likely cannot grasp that they support corporatists heading toward fascism, nor understand how they were drawn into that insane movement. They see themselves as original thinkers. No doubt they are all extremely rich and need nothing but for a new set of Bush-type policies to lift stock-market values and renew their paper fortunes. Maybe “Bob Deadsay” runs a small business which he hopes to get free from all burden of tax responsibility.

Strangely enough, a majority of Tea Party members seem to be retired, either drawing pensions, interest income or Social Security. Surely, they don’t want their national benefit system privatized at this point in life. Many people have nothing but that safety net to show for a long life of working for a living. Eight years of careless, Republican foolishness in government have put millions next to the street or into dire poverty. Obama did not cause this. Even TARP was conceived and begun under Bush. The stimulus plan set in motion by Obama has proven to be less effective than hoped but not as complete a failure as Republicans want to paint it. Today, the serious economists think it was too small. Far-right Wrongers neglect to notice the part they played in obstructing his plan from the start and how their “experts” made it necessary to try.

So, here’s deadhead Bob Livesay talking his canned baloney with such malicious, joyful stupidity, one wonders how he puts his shoes on in the morning without getting both laced on to the right foot. Does he get to breakfast by hopping along without his left leg? It must be hard to eat using only the right hand, and with it stuck so far over to the right that somebody has to keep moving the table for him or he’ll miss the plate. As a one-time highschool dater, I know it’s possible to drive with one hand, but with my date beside me, I much preferred driving with the left hand, which let me get rather sociable without turning Socialist.

Poor Bobsie thinks I hate him and his Far-Wrongists! I’m just sorry for him and any country his sort takes control over. Franco’s Spain, for instance. What I despise are the mental malfunctions that let him make the choices he’s made and that he refuses to use words properly and not throw them around like confetti from a clown parade. I guess he quit using dictionaries after grade school. He thinks language is play-dough. But, then, he’s a Radical Pseudo-Conservative just waiting for a dictator to be set over him by a conspiracy of mega-corporations. He hates democracy unless all votes are his. He can’t think his way out of that wet tea-bag.

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  • I have been reading all Livesay’s comments on Benicia Patch lately. You have really hit the nail on the head. His spelling and grammar are abysmal. And, all his arguments stem from what he thinks is best for himself. Anything that does not suit his lifestyle is immediately labeled as liberal/socialist/”inviro”. I am mostly just entertained by his level of ignorance. I will certainly make an attempt to push his buttons when I can.

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