Backwardites are a troublesome minority!

The mentality of the upper-crust’s backwardite fraction is virtually psycho-pathological.  Too self-absorbed, too lacking in empathy, too narrowly profit-motivated to see proper choices or do the right things; always ready to ignore or sacrifice someone else. Everyone else is a potential scapegoat or whipping-boy for a backwardite. Fortunately, the upper-crust does not contain all wealthy people or large corporations in this country. But the Bush administration and its PNAC advisors & supporters directly empowered and commissioned these backwardites in a circularly self-reinforcing process. The 2008 election broke that circularity, but backwardites are all over government and economy (like fire-ants whose nest is kicked-in) scrambling around trying to reorganize so their children continue not having to go to war but keep getting educated for high status and power to do bad stuff to the public “for their own, highly valuable families”. If backwardites could see everyone’s family as valuable, they might behave with more transparency and social responsibility. Both humanity and nature would benefit more than from the charity of pseudo-philanthropists who gain kudos by giving away small gains from hugely careless profiteering. [Now watch their response transmogrify me into a sick-o who whips sweet, rich folks into scapegoats!–as if I didn’t know there are lots of sweet, rich folks who are not backwardites.]

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