Addendum to my last communique. –Robert M. Shelby, 5-26-11. [219 txt wds]

Some have wondered why, in my 5-25-11 “What is that. Is it a bird?”, I referred to Paul Ryan as Tim. Was it deliberate? Yes, I called him “Tim” because like so many over on the so-called “right” he has no deep understanding of personal identity or human existence. Otherwise, he could not remain a Republican. Why should I care as much about his name as he does?


Here in Benicia, we have guys & gals like Bobbie Laughsey who think birth certificates, driver IDs and legal document signatures actually attest to who and what they are. “Look in my pocket, here I am.” “I’m a skinful of papers that tell you my name.” Such folks live in their file cabinets, unconnected to anything larger than a church, home neighborhood or political party.


I called Paul Ryan “Tim” because he acts like he thinks he knows as much about money as Tim Geithner, though he lacks Geithner’s slick survival skills. That particular Tim adapted very adroitly from involvement with Bush-Cheney-Paulson and the bankers’ nasty catastrophe to participation in the Obama-Biden administration’s all-too sadly adulteration-weakened scheme for recovery. Slick! Paul Ryan, however, will likely keep his House seat because he’s liked and admired by so many superficially accomplished idiots on the too-far right to be bright.

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