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Proper naming. –Robert M. Shelby, 7-8-12. [344 txt wds]

Never refer to street muggers and backroom burglars as “social workers” to sweeten their self-images and make them feel accepted as worthwhile members of society. Do not euphemize high-ranking, corporate officials engaged in greedy, capital-siphoning operations as “Captains of Industry.” We need to call blood-sucking, financial vampires what they are: Greedy Bastards, as does Dylan […]

Corruption, guilt, fear. –Robert M. Shelby, 7-7-12. [1043 txt wds]

Quoting from Robert Sheer’s “Libor Interest Rate Scandal: Crime of the Century” from, via Common Dreams: <> “The scandal over Libor—short for London interbank offered rate—has resulted in a huge fine for Barclays Bank and threatens to ensnare some of the world’s top financiers. It reveals that behind the world’s financial edifice lies a […]

On global warming “controversy” –Robert M. Shelby, 7-1-12 (566 txt wds]

The deniers of human impact on the world will object to evidence because it won’t comport with their bias, and their bias conforms to, and supports, their private investment interests and tribal identities on the political spectrum. It is true that the causes of warming are complex and follow from more factors than human activity. […]

YES WE CAN! — and we sure will, again. –Robert M. Shelby, 6-19-12. [484 txt wds]

YES WE CAN!  Show me that again! (Obama’s Music Video:) <> Talk like this scares the pudding out of the right-wingers I know, and they get mad in response. They hate to be scared but they love to spread fear and anxiety. Let’s laugh at ‘em and call ‘em out for real talk about the […]