Re.: “What has happened to the GOP?” (Benicia Herald Forum, 9-13-13.) #211A –R. M. Shelby, 9-13-13. [440 txt wds]

Once again, J__ P___ seems to assume all he says is clearly evident to his readers. To me, His piece comes across as a pastiche of unsupported claims that form no logical argument but which web together another of his usual rants against everything Obama is, says and does.

The insidious strength of P___’s writing lies in making assertions which the unskilled reader may unconsciously assume must have some factual foundation to them besides Pugh’s fanatical and humorless bias against anything contrary to his interest and liking. Documentary evidence for a few of his statements would be helpful:

”Ever since Barack Obama came to office his administration has cultivated relations with, legitimated, emboldened and even funded and armed the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Fact: Obama wisely wanted to open communication with all sorts of Muslims. This was not intrinsically dangerous to the U.S. Yet, P— wants us to believe this “… amounted to our changing sides in what can only be described as the ‘war for a free world.’” This is sheer nonsense. Obama wished to signal the West’s lack of enmity for Islam.

P___ says, this “enabling” allowed the Brotherhood “to establish an array of front groups and largely obscure the true nature of this organization and the threat it poses…” But, Pugh shows us no connections, names no front groups. Next, Obama’s “patient, stealthy subversion” succeeds to the point of embroiling Senators Reed, McCain and Graham in a sticky pattycake with himself to undercut opposition to the Brotherhood. The word “subversion” in Pugh’s dialect can only mean nonconformance to Pugh-ism.

P___ attributes Mubarak’s fall to Obama’s machinations instead of to the Arab Spring. Where did Pugh get the idea that McCain and Graham wish to “rescue” the Muslim Brotherhood? What does he read and who writes it?

P___ is a sort of Universal Solvent. Nothing can contain him. Next, he turns on his own party, berating leaders for incompetence from the get-go. He claims “Boehner seems to be in lockstep…with a Democratic president.” I’m from Missouri. He hasn’t shown me. Yet, he assumes the Obama/RINO pattycake supports loosing Islamist radicals on the world. According to Pugh, Obama is ignorant of the middle east and Iran’s threat. Our president is simply not realistic.

I put it to you that P___ is systemically ignorant of Obama. His image of Obama takes form through a veil of sick disappointment and invidious malice stemming from life-long racism and propertied-class arrogance. Pugh’s life is ruled by vicarious guilt and fearful insecurity which convert slickly into hatred. I’ve had my fill of his slimy, vicious disloyalty to the truth.


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