Times run together all mixed! –Robert M. Shelby, 6-6-11. [535 txt wds]

Poor, old Jim! He’s really lost without Huck or Tom. Of course, at only 72, he’s still young to be so full of political certainty. He’s one of about four of our local “nattering nabobs of negativity” who has been incredibly unhappy with Obama’s residency. I can well understand that kind of misery since I endured it through eight years of the Bush-Cheney regime that nearly ruined our country, shredded my extra income and may yet succeed in holding us hostage to corporate money and an upward flood of finance away from common folks up to the richest in the nation. Jim, though wealthy enough to feel pretty good about life, stays so swamped in misery he can’t see anything good but which will result from voting out Democrats and restoring all the policies that got us into this messy stew in the first place, policies that always hurt this country in order to help the wealthiest few. Poor, old Jim is still bamboozled by the King and the Duke.


While Jim is fairly high up in the food chain, he is even higher up in the feud chain, at least locally. Judging from his looks, since he is not fat, he would rather feud than eat, though I expect he can tear into a good piece of meat with a side of potatoes, and down a scotch or two after dinner. It’s almost certain he has a few snorts before he starts to writing about Democrats, from the way he gets wild and free about putting judgments right in there with facts or even before some of the facts can get plain and straight. Suspending judgment is not Jim’s long suit. He has got things all judged out to start.


Jim can scarcely be blamed for this. His ideas and sources of deformation are pretty well cut and dried before he gets to them. He knows enough to double check his points and find corroborating witness or evidence as he goes, but over there on the right-end of the data spectrum, multiple writers draw their inspirations from the same places. Sure, you can read twenty or more blogs or news-commentaries that trace back to the same dozen talkers and writers, semantic engineers like Karl Rove and their public feces or voices.


I looked into the Atlas Shrugged list of 50 blogs and felt like I’d fallen into a cesspool of far-right disinformation. They all have the same slant. Often, several even use the same phrases and pick the same topics or people to pick on. It’s a real hog-pen of mental uncleanliness, a hog-pen designed to make everything in sight smell bad except Republicans, rich plutocrats and reactionary corporations, for only they love freedom to deregulate.  Leftists and worse deserve to be thown in the hog-pen and dirtied by fat pundits. PR here means, Prejudice Quotient. High PR is the only quality required by such readers. Who would have guessed Jim got his entire education from riding a raft down a Mississippi River discovered by Mark Twain, thanks to two old con-men who ended up tarred, feathered and ridden out of town on a sharp-edged fence rail?

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