Does Not The Sun Also Rise? –Robert M. Shelby, 10-26-10. [399 txt wds]

No “loyal opposition” remains. Republican Senatorial leader, Mitch McConnell, declares his single, most important job now will be to defeat any measure desired by President Obama and all Democratic proposals. This is no longer political opposition. This is no longer contributing balance to the legislative process. This is subversion of governance amounting as near to treason as can occur within the due process of law or the tolerance of American institutions. Only the people themselves have the power to break this malicious deadlock by expressing their felt repugnance for such transparent disservice to them as this that favors the mega-corporation’s ultra-rich overlords.

Former President Jimmy Carter today told Ed Schultz that the little Tea Party members have been seduced by powerful men who have no interest in their well-being at all, but only seek to remove controls that impede profit which otherwise would flow from improved market positions that raise their stock values. It should be noted that, as  corporations are now persons who can donate unlimited amounts of undisclosed money into political campaigns, they display no human empathy and avoid the  responsibilities expected of living persons.

International corporations are golems, robots, automatons. The bottom line rules. Self-interest and concern for respectable image dominate their attention, but interest in material gain beats public appearance and humanity almost every time. If it looks like a corporation is losing face, it starts spinning  a world of illusion around itself like cotton candy. Here! Have a nice stick of it, free! Pull it over your eyes like sheeps’ wool. Can anyone believe how much BP is spending on glitzy television advertising about how wonderful BP is, and how good energy from oil is for the world?

Similarly, can any rational person believe how many millions the Republicans are spending to make Democrats look stupid, evil and ridiculous? Wouldn’t it seem that they must be encountering diminished returns on their investment? People cannot be as simple minded as the Far Wrong-wingers need them to be. The sun may be rising! Morning in America may be nearer than one supposes. Is it not the first, rosy finger of dawn extending over the wine dark sea’s horizon that pinks our highest, yet still cloudy peaks? Yea, see the forests on their sides break into cold flame as the eagle rising above turns golden? Yea, see the bright yolk of daylight break across our land?

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